Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter Decorations and My Neighborhood

The sun finally shone yesterday and it was warm enough to open the front door. This allowed me to get a good shot of my Easter decorations without using the flash. The wooden baskets are two my family put out for the Easter Bunny to fill when I was growing up. My mom made the cute stitched baskets for my kids when they were little. Love what my little French quilt adds to the display!

I recently realized I have a lot of bunnies. The print and plate were both yard sale finds.

I made these bunnies and quilt for my parents years ago. This is their guestroom bed.

My son and I took the dogs on a long walk yesterday morning. It was so reviving! The sun was out and the air was warm. My neighborhood is celebrating its 50th anniversary. It is a nice neighborhood to live in and we have an active civic association. We have a lot of original owners and people who grew up here and returned to live as adults. Some people buy here thinking of it as a starter home and never leave. We have a small shopping center, business park and library within walking distance. I always see someone I know when I stop in the Caribou Coffee Shop.
These are serviceberry trees we planted a couple of years ago. They replaced a dogwood we planted 20 years ago when we moved in. Dogwoods are having a hard time of it around here. The serviceberry was recommended as a sturdy, native tree. We could make a pie with the berries it produces, but we'd have to beat the birds to them first! We have electrical wires and I made sure the trees were planted away from them. However, the one on the right is leaning and it looks like it is headed for the wires! Geez!
 The path to the park is across the street from us and up a couple of houses.

I love it when the violets bloom in the grass.
Some fun lawn ornaments.

 A bear?
 Hi,  Squirrel Nutkin!
 Love the redbuds.
 Every neighborhood needs a pink flamingo.

Not much in the way of stitching done this week…
I basted the Shoofly for Japan top. (Vivian, does that pink fabric look familiar?). I had just enough of the blue and white backing fabric. It is Romantic Legacy by The International Quilt Study Center at the University of Nebraska for Free Spirit. I’m still thinking about how to quilt it. Most likely, I will do something in each block using a pattern exactly or inspired by those in Free-Motion Quilting Made Easy 186 designs from 8 simple shapes by Eva A. Larkin. This weekend is pretty free so I hope to get a good start on it.

I did a little mending on the colonial popcorn spread, watched Precision Piecing by Sally Collins on DVD and started reading Quiltmaking by Hand by Jinny Beyer.

And finally, last night I appliquéd one hexagon block. I changed my mind about using the black blanket stitch by machine – I’m going to keep going with the hand stitching. I now have 8 blocks appliquéd.

Have a great weekend and if it applies, spring break. Next week should be a quiet one for me. I’m looking forward to it.


  1. What a lovely neighborhood! If we could all be so lucky that'd be fantastic!!
    It looks like you have some fun projects picked out to keep you busy this weekend. Have fun!

  2. Lovely pictures of your decorations and neighborhood! And not a speck of dust on that beautiful piano! Wish it were so at my house!


  3. Your bunny displays are sweet! I have the basket that was given to my mom in the hospital when I was born! (It was full of something, but I don't know what....but it's huge....would hold LOTS of chocolate!) I love that we keep stuff like that!

    Your neighborhood is lovely....nice to see folks keeping their places looking good!

  4. Looks like a lovely neighborhood! Love all the spring flowers and trees blooming!
    Sally Collins is a favorite!

  5. Spring has sprung with all your bunny decor.
    Your neighborhood is one I would LOVE to live in. It looks like a very special place, and you're a lucky lady to live there.
    Yes, I do recognize the pink fabric. You're using it in a very generous way, Maureen. The backing fabric looks familiar too. I think I have a bit of that here in my stash.
    Enjoy all the quiet weekends you can find. We quilters need them, and we know how to use them. :)

  6. oh thanks for the trip around your neighbor hood
    finally spring is starting to show up here too!
    love that bunny plate, sooo pretty!

  7. Your neighbourhood has woken from the winter and looking very pretty. You are more than ready for Easter with all your decorations. I love the Irish chain quilt that you made for your parents.

  8. Your neighbourhood looks lovely wearing its new spirng coat!! how nice after the winter you have had!!! For me Autumn is definitely here, the nights are cooler, time to get the quilts out again!!!
    You have a lovely blog Maureen, I have started at the beginning and will slowly work my way up to the present LOL! You have done some beautiful work!!!

  9. Cute decorations and what a fun walk through your neighborhood. Doesn't it feel good now that it is finally spring!!

  10. Enjoyed taking a stroll with you and your dog through your neighborhood. Thanks for sharing your bunnies!

  11. Your home looks very festive and spring-like! Those bunnies you made for your parents sure are sweet. And your landscape looks lovely with the serviceberry trees. Thanks for giving us a neighborhood tour!

  12. Beautiful neighbohood! The serviceberry trees are one of my favorite, the birds love the berries the flowers leave behind. This is a happy post and lovely welcome to a cheerful spring!

    Bunnies and your Easter decorations are delightful!

    Thanks for sharing, Carolyn :)