Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Well, I had a plan…

My plan was to start a basket quilt this weekend using the 19th century reproduction fabrics I’ve been collecting and a spiderweb quilt to use the strings from my overflowing bins. Then Lori posted about her new quiltalong and I started thinking about the shoofly blocks Bea sent me last spring. So, as it goes, I made just one basket block and a little quilt with the shoofly blocks.

Bea sent me 15 blocks so I made one more to get 16. Mine is block 3 in row 2. Hmmm, mines a bit bright compared to the others – why do I not notice this until the blocks are all sewn together? The setting squares are made from fabric I won from Vivian last year. I plan to use the fabric on the right, also from Vivian, as the backing. I just can't seem to cut into those heads for another purpose. Thanks you two!

According to 1000 Great Quilt Blocks by Maggi McCormick Gordon (love this little block book) this is a May Basket. I’ve wanted to start this for some time. Had the block and fabrics picked out and they’ve been sitting in my sewing room for a couple of months now. It was fun to finally start it.

My weekend plans reflect my plans for the year – to start a couple projects using my 19th century reproductions and to make progress on 3 scrap quilts – my pineapple, crumbs and a string-

Happy Stitching! And if you have some snow send it my way – I’d like to be snowed in for a couple of days!


  1. Cute Shoofly quilt!!! I think I've changed my mind 15 times about how to use the fabric from you!! Now maybe it'll be a shoofly!!! LOL It is always fun to plan - busy working on other project, so I'll decide later!! The basket block is darling - always enjoy seeing your thing!!


  2. The quilt is adorable and I think your block looks great in there!! The basket block is lovley.

    Send me snow too!! I want to be snowed in:)

  3. I love that shoofly quilt. Your block is not too bright. It adds sparkle to the quilt!
    Your plans for 2012 are very sensible to me. But no matter what plan I would make I know that the quilts take over and the ones that want to be made just butt in line and get made, much like your shoofly happened! Hey, we should make that a bumper sticker--"QUILTS HAPPEN!" Do you think people would understand? : )

  4. You're making great use of those two fabrics. I thought your setting squares looked familiar. I'll be following Lori's quiltalong this month, but you beat us all with your shoofly quilt. Well done!
    I don't like typical Midwest winters, but this one is weird. January is usually filled with below-zero wind chill temps and a healthy snowfall sitting on the ground. We have bare ground and possible record setting high of 47 degrees tomorrow. Just a bit of snow would be lovely.

  5. Great shoo-fly quilt with special meaning ;-)
    Love your basket plans! Hard to pass up a basket quilt.

    Nice to see the string quilt on your list. I've had thoughts of one simmering for years and I look forward to enjoying yours!
    Thank you for shring.

  6. I'm enchanted by your shoofly quilt. All the colors meld so beautifully. Nice job!

  7. Like your colors so much...I have to be braver and move away from the "muddy" colors I have loved in the past.

    Wish we had some extra snow to send along...only about 6" on the ground which is very unusual for Northern Wisconsin at this point in January.

  8. Well done with the little Shoe Fly quilt. The rest will all get done, just stick to your plans.

  9. There is certainly something lovely about those shoo-fly blocks!! Love the pineapple blocks as well, great for scraps and they always look so classic! Hope you have a great year of sewing!

  10. Happy New Year
    How nice to have a friend quilt - it looks great.
    Have fun with the scrap projects - still loving the pineapple.

  11. Love the shoofly quilt. Your pink block adds pizzaz. I want to try a pineapple someday. For now, I'm deep into crumbs and strings.

  12. ooooooooohhh~!!!!!~ seeing your bins of scraps and that bit of pineapple quilt get me all excited~! so pretty and i've always wanted to make one using my scraps but am intimidated by the pattern . . . can you recomend a book or tools that you think make it easier?

    a cute little basket pattern. fairly simple and i like the curved applique handle.