Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wishin' I Lived in PA

I spent 2 days in Pennsylvania earlier this week. I wanted to see an antique quilt exhibit at the Packwood House Museum in Lewisburg and also hit a fabric store or two. I'd heard great things about Burkholder's in Denver so I headed there first. I was surprised that it was located in the middle of dairy farms and corn fields.

Next,  I headed for Hershey.

 My parents grew up in Pennsylvania. To me, these dark red/brown roads say I'm in PA.

 Love these old stone buildings and this one has a stone wall and cemetery, too!

I was headed to the Quiltmaker's Cottage, but it was closed. I meant to call last week to make sure they were open and just didn't get around to it. At least I got to see the Hershey Kiss lamp posts. From there I traveled north along the Susquehanna River to Lewisburg.

I stayed at the Copper Beach Manor. I really enjoyed my stay. Linda, the innkeeper, was very nice. She made the quilt on the bed and the one hanging in the hallway.

 After dinner, I walked around a bit.

 Susquehanna River

The next morning I took a tour of the Packwood House Museum. It included a special exhibit of 30 antique quilts. Unfortunately, they wouldn't let me take photos. I then went to an antique mall in town. Again, no photos. I had fun browsing, but didn't see anything that needed to come home with me. I then headed a few miles west to Mifflinburg to a quilt shop recommended by the innkeeper. Prices were great though finding the fabrics I like took a little hunting. Fortunately, the cutting table was at the check out and I read the note "to be fair to all we extend credit to none" before having my fabric cut. I asked if that meant they didn't take credit cards and the gal said yes - only cash or check. Darn! I had to decide what I wanted most because I didn't have enough cash on me. I guess I'll have to plan another trip. ; c )

At Verna's I bought the striped floral on the left. I plan to do a border of hexagons around the hexagon flowers. I wanted to use the fabric I already have on the right, but I don't think I have enough of it. Not sure what I bought will work. Will just have to try it and see.

I also needed more fabric for my flower centers. Would you believe nothing I had in my stash would work? ; c ) 

I love this Judie Rothermel fabric I used for the background of the feathered star, but only had a FQ. I bought another 3 yards because my plans for this feathered star are changing. If I don't use it for this, I'm sure I'll use it for something else. Or maybe I'll just enjoy owning it.

I already had some of the purple fabric. I think it and the pink colorway would work well as a sashing, border or setting square. I love the softness of this yellow. Again, I already have some of it and wanted more. For some reason I never have much red in my stash so I'm always on the lookout for red.

I really enjoyed getting away by myself. We had just finished up our last season with summer swim team on Saturday and I wanted something to get my mind off it. We'd been involved with the team for 14 years so the end was kind of bittersweet. I know I just missed the Hershey Quilt show. Believe it or not, I just wasn't in the mood for a big show. I also wanted to see the quilt exhibit at the Mercer Museum in Doylestown, but I was too tired to get up there Sunday and that was the last day of the exhibit.  I hope to spend the next couple of weeks doing some deep house cleaning. I'm sure some stitching will get done, too. Later in August, my daughter comes home for a month before heading out to New Zealand and my youngest son leaves for his freshman year at Virginia Tech. I hope things settle down this fall. I always think things will settle down in the future and they never seem to. Hence, the title of this post - Wishin' I lived in PA. While walking around the little town of Lewisburg I wondered if my life would be quieter in a small town and if I would like it. I'd love to hear your thoughts on small town life.