Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Flying Geese Strippy and Lots of Stars

Last year I made this quilt top for our bed. I'd had the fabrics forever. I believe most are Robyn Pandolf designs. This summer I had it custom quilted by Patricia at Brown Bird Quilts in Millboro Virginia. I'm very happy with what she did.

Click on this one to see the detail.

I made a lot of stars over the past couple of weeks. I'm learning so much from Barbara's weekly Stars in a Time Warp posts and I'm using fabrics I haven't used in years and some I've never cut in to.  I'm sure I'm stretching the definitions with some of these.
Week 30 Floral Trails

Week 31 Toiles

Week 18 California Gold

Week 17 Conversation Prints

Week 29 Lapis Blue

Week 21 Neat Stripes

Week 25 Wood Block Prints

Week 33 Later Turkey Reds

Week 27 Quercitron and Arboresces

Week 37 Chocolate and Blue plus Lace Prints

Week 13 Printed Plaids

Week 15 Woven Plaids

Week 14 Rainbow or Ombre Prints

Week 16 Paisleys

Week 19 Serpentine Stripes

Week 38 Black, Gray and Asian-Style Design

Week 32 Faded Synthetic Dyes

Week 12 Foulards

Week 20 Excentric Prints

Here are all my stars together. I'm thinking of using the border fabric (Matters of the Heart by Kay England) to make a strippy quilt - alternating with the stars on point. I must like strippy quilts!

I was visiting my friend Laurie in her shop - Appalachian Pieceworks - and she showed me this quilt she had taken apart. Theses fabrics were used as the foundation to a silk log cabin. The silk was shattered but the foundation fabrics are still very vibrant. She thinks the fabrics are copper plate roller printed from the early to mid 19th century. I looked back at Barbara's posts and black fabrics weren't available until about 1890 so I think at least the backing is later.

This was the backing.

This evening.

Beets from our veggie garden.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Back to Stars in a Time Warp

It's been so long since I posted I almost forgot how. It was a busy summer with company and farm work. The freezer is full and the pantry is lined with colorful jars of our harvest. Things are slowing down a bit and the last few evenings I've been making stars...

week 10 green calicoes

week 36 lancaster blue

week 35 cretonne

week 34 bronze-style prints

week 11 purple

week 9 chrome yellow

It's not too late to join the fun. These blocks go together pretty quickly. I think I spend more time picking my fabrics which I'm really enjoying. It is making me dig through my stash. I'm finding things I forgot I had and learning what it is I have. Seriously, please tell me if I've misinterpreted any of these. I really want to know. For those of you who don't know, Stars in a Time Warp is a weekly quiltalong from quilt historian and fabric designer Barbara Brackman at Civil War Quilts. Each Wednesday she gives a lesson on a color and/or fabric design from the past.

While I wasn't posting this summer I have been quilting. I made the quilt below for a fundraiser for a birthing center. I made another quilt for the quilt auction for our local hospice center but forgot to take a photo.

the back

I struggled with the Jacob's ladder. I wasn't pleased until I separated the blocks - bright and not so bright. Below are the not so bright.
I still need to stitch these blocks together.

We got 17 chicks 8 weeks ago. They've been a major distraction!

I have a couple more projects in the works. I'm stitching down a binding on a quilt for our bed. We've had some chilly nights here so I want to get it done and on the bed soon. I'll be back soon to share.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Cascadia Finished

I spent about a month this spring dealing with an infected toe. I was disappointed not to be out in the garden and took the opportunity to hand quilt Cascadia, a Humble Quilts Quiltalong.

I started another baby quilt for my grand niece, Piper, in Minnesota. I decided to make two of them when the strips I cut lent it self to making two blocks. I was inspired by Quilting with the Past and Oh, Oh, Quilts!.

I had the pleasure of meeting Dawn of Collector with a Needle and Doreen of Aunt Reen's Place a couple of weeks ago. Doreen taught one of Dawn's patterns and invited Dawn to speak in Warrenton, Virginia. It was a treat to meet these talented ladies. Click on the links to read about it.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Quilters Unlimited 42nd Annual Quilt Show

It's been a while! Weather has been beautiful and beckoning me into the garden. I have been doing some hand quilting and in everything I do I'm trying to be more mindful. That concept seems to be everywhere nowadays, even at a quilt guild meeting. Back in April - that seems so long ago - I went to a Quilters Unlimited meeting in McLean to hear Mark Lipinski talk about his Slow Stitching movement. If you've ever heard Mark speak before you will understand that I was quite intrigued. He is very high energy. I thoroughly enjoyed his lecture. It was a good reminder to enjoy the process of quilting. He was lamenting the fact that the quilt world has been moving more to the quick and easy style quilting and loosing the peacefulness of the process and creating something of value. Probably something we are tending toward in all aspects of our lives. There was much more to his lecture so if you ever get a chance to go I'm confident you will find it very entertaining.

This past weekend I attended the Quilters Unlimited show in Chantilly Virginia with my friend Lesa. It was good to catch up with her and to see people I hadn't seen in a while. Here are a few of my favorite quilts. Feel free to Pin and don't forget to give credit to the quilters and the show.

My new church has a monthly gathering of women who make these cute little church mice as a fundraiser. We have such fun!