Thursday, March 16, 2017

Churn Dash Exchange Finish

It's been several years ago now that Janet O. and I exchanged churn dash blocks. It has taken me 3 winters to do the hand quilting. The stitching is 2 inches apart. I wanted to add more quilting to make it 1 inch apart and then I came to my senses. I have a couple other quilt tops I want to hand quilt. It has a soft feel to it so I gave it to my oldest son. He very much prefers the hand quilted quilts. It's a texture thing. It seems appropriate that I gave him this quilt as it was made during a time when I was learning to appreciate him for what he is rather than what I wanted him to be. He is a good man - sensitive, hard working and considerate. We are lucky to have him living on our property. He is a big help.

Some detail

I'm now cutting triangles for an ocean waves quilt for my sister.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Ocean Waves Finish and a New Start

80" x 74"
This Ocean Waves was a practice quilt before making this somewhat challenging pattern for a quilt for my sister. I'm glad I did because I made a big boo boo. It's surprising to me that it isn't more obvious. For some reason I didn't think the setting triangles had the same light dark pattern so I made two sets. When I went to stitch the two half of the quilt together I realized my error. The vertical triangle pattern just left of center in the photo above you can see light against light and dark against dark. I don't mind it at all in my own quilt but I think it would have bothered me if it happened in a gift quilt. Keeping my fingers crossed that I don't introduce any new errors in my second attempt at this pattern! Really love the pattern and hope to make more after the one for my sister.

Before starting on my next Ocean Waves, I was itching to put together these 9-patches that I made with a friend. The final quilt will be double what is shown in the photo. Coming together quickly since we make the 9-patches back in 2015 so it's just adding the double 9-patch squares and sashing. This is my third 9-patch swap. When I finish this one I'll have to share all three in one post.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day so I thought I'd share something I came across in one of my favorite little books - To Bless the Space Between Us by John O'Donohue

The state of one's heart inevitably shapes one's life; it is ultimately the place where everything is decided.
  • A courageous heart will go forth and engage with life despite confusion and fear.
  • A fearful heart will be hesitant and will tend to hold back.
  • A heavy heart will make for a gloomy, unlived life.
  • A compassionate heart need never carry the burden of judgment.
  • A forgiving heart knows the art of liberation.
  • A loving heart awakens the spirit of possibility and engagement with others.