Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Winners Are-

Just taking a break from decorating the Christmas tree to announce my giveaway winners.


Barb of Fun With Barb


Both ladies have already been notified. Doniene picked the quilt with stars (no surprise there, she loves star blocks), libbyQ chose the green and tan strippy, Barb chose the pumpkin pie strippy and Pat gets the black strippy.  Congrats again to all the winners. I hope you enjoy your little quilts. I really enjoyed making these little quilts and having the giveaway. I’ve been so lucky in some of these giveaways and felt it was my time to give back. I also so appreciate our online friendships.

This is a photo of my sister’s mantel. A couple of weeks ago we went to a tag sale at Elizabeth & Co. and my sister found all these decorations. I made her the quilt years ago using the pattern in the book Little Quilts All Through The House by Alice Berg, Mary Ellen Von Holt and Sylvia Johnson.

My big purchase was this Little Golden Book. Do any of you remember this book? I still have the same book from when I was a kid though it is falling apart. Of course, inside is a quilt-

Since I’ve been painting furniture I started looking at furniture painting and home blogs. I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration and information doing this, but sometimes I start feeling like my home is a little shabby and not in a good way. Do you ever feel that way? I keep reminding myself that these rooms are often more like design sets and if they are in real homes they probably don’t stay like this day to day. Same thing happens when looking at home magazines and watching HGTV – I have to bring myself back to earth and be thankful for what I have.

Since I last posted I’ve been busily sewing on this quilt. It’s a big twin – 72”x96” (folded over here on the back of the couch). I used a big bundle of brushed cottons I purchased years ago. I can now shut my flannel bin! I purchased a blue tone on tone flannel for the back from Joann's. I think the quality of their $7.99 a yard fabric is fine - just not paying the extra for a well know fabric designer. Yes, I had a coupon ; c ). I didn’t use batting. It felt very thin as I basted it, but not once I started moving it through the machine to quilt it. It’s heavy! I'm sending it to Timeless Treasures Fabrics in Roselle, New Jersey. I just need to finish up the binding, label and wash it. They are collecting quilts for victims of Super Storm Sandy.

Enjoy your week!


  1. How lucky that you live close enough to see in person all the special finds at Elizabeth & Co! I been following Sharon's blog for a while now, and love everything she does!

    And I know what you mean about the houses in the mags......every time we clean up our place for company, we always say to ourselves...."I wonder how long it will stay this way?" It's about 2 days at our house! lol

  2. Congratulations to all the winners!!! Maureen, my apologies for not thanking you earlier! I received my absolutely wonderful little October Surprise quilt on Monday!! I love, love, love it!! For now it is pinned on a cabinet by my cutting area! So I get to see it a lot!!!! I love that 16 patch quilt!! So homey and comfy, some one will love it!! Blessings to you for stitching it up!!

    You know - a house is only a place to stay, but a home is where love lives and I'm sure there is tons of love in your home!!!


  3. Thanks for the giveaway and the opportunity to view all the entries of mini quilts. It was fun to look at all of them!

  4. Thank you so much again - was so tickled about winning my first comment ended up on an earlier posting! And congratulations to the other winners too!

    Oh I know what you are talking about...finally got my husband to go furniture shopping a few weeks ago - he would rather have a root canal I think...but we ended up with 2 new chairs to replace some totally shabby ones. Taking baby steps here...when he has recovered it will be to look at a new sofa and some rugs...oh for rooms looking picture perfect? Not at our house with 2 shelties and both of us living a retired style of living...

  5. Congrats to the winners - lovely gifts!

    The flannel quilt will be a great quilt for someone - it looks very warm and comfortable. Your dogs look right at home on your couch. Looks like you must have to sit on the floor. :)


  6. Congrats to your winners. You hit the nail on the head with Doniene--absolutely no surprise that she chose stars!
    I don't go to home shows or look at home dec magazines. It just causes dissatisfaction, and I love my home, when I don't see all of the other stuff out there. : )
    That quilt will surely bring comfort and warmth to some Sandy victim--very good of you.

  7. i'd like to thank you once again Maureen. i LOVE my new little quilt~!
    congratulations to everyone who won one of these sweet gifts.

    i love to see ideas and rooms but you are right, it can become a bit overwhelming if we hold ourselves to the impossible challenge of keeping our homes this "precious". it feels good to do some minor decorating when appropriate and gives me an excuse to dust a little while i'm at it. when i was younger that didn't feel like enough but now i'm happy to have a more comfortable feeling home.

    your quilt looks wonderfully inviting and i can imagine that it will provide someone with warmth and a good feeling of being cared for. good for you for helping out in such a big way~!


  8. Congratulations to the winners...lucky ladies!
    What a wonderful donation quilt!! I am sure it will bring warmth to the recipient.

  9. Wonderful your little quilts found great homes.
    I just love the dogs on the sofa - they are just too sweet.
    I adore Golden Books - we lived near Racine and the Golden factory - used to make field trips when the kids were little for the zoo and books ;-) Thank you for the memory jogger. and yes, I still have the books.
    Your 'Sandy' quilt sounds warm and will be well loved.

  10. Thank you again I'm so thrilled!
    I love your little golden book, so vintage and cute.
    What a nice donation for Sandy victims. I can't believe how lucky we really were.
    I've been looking at home dec blogs and espeically pinterest, as I'm feeling the same way at my house.

  11. Congrats to the quilt winners!! Love your golden book!

    I agree about my hosue lookgi rather shabby, but I like it and I want people to feel comfortable and at home in it. I hope I accomplish that.

  12. Congratulations to your winners! Just love the flannel quilt and especially the three dogs enjoying some couch comfort, very cute picture!!!!!

  13. congrats to the winners. Thank you for making a quilt for the Hurricane Sandy victims who lost everything
    that quilt will bring warmth and comfort to someone in NJ, for that I thank you.