Saturday, January 19, 2013

An Overdue Update

Here's what's in the hoop-

I'm so slow at this hand quilting thing. I'm about half done with this. Thing is I need to have it done by the end of February. I'm not sure I can do it. I try to do some everyday, but inevitably I'll miss a day that becomes two or three days. I'd like it to go in the quilt show with the other half square triangle challenge quilts. I need a big snowstorm!

I made this little quilt top from the 'Lil Twister leftover fabric I showed in my last post.

And here is my second 'Lil Twister. It's for my nephew's baby. Ella was born last August so I'd really like to finish this up by the end of the month and get it in the mail. I want to use this IKEA fabric for the back. I hope to get over there next week. I have more than a few quilt tops in the queue. I really need some machine quilting mojo! lol

I was feeling really yucky the end of last year. I knew it was from eating too many of the wrong carbs over the past few months. I have to watch my blood sugar and have some other health issues going on. My sister told me about Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo. I was waiting for a copy from the library, but it was taking too long so I just bought my own. I'm glad I did. She turns conventional food wisdom on it's head. I'm kind of following her meal plans and I've lost 5 lbs. The other good news is my joints aren't hurting so much (no tomatoes, potatoes or peppers) and I don't have any nasal congestion (no dairy). The dairy was easy because I'd already cut most of that out a while ago. The tomatoes, potatoes and peppers will be hard to give up for the long hall. I'll just have to be real selective when I cheat. She recommends raw fermented food so here is my homemade sauerkraut-
It should be ready in two weeks. Wish me luck with this diet. It's a challenge, but I want to keep myself out of the doctor's office.


  1. Sounds like you and I hand quilt at the same rate of speed. : )
    You have a couple of very nice little quilts there. Ikea fabric? Never heard of that before.
    My daughter is thinking of trying this type of diet with the fermented food. I'll be interested to know how it works for you.

  2. Welcome back! Here's to a big snowstorm so you can sit and hand quilt to your hearts content! Lovely twister quilt for baby Ella... great colors!

  3. Beautiful quilts, Maureen! And I just went through the preview for that Paleo book.....WOW! That sounds really amazing! Sounds like you are already doing well with it, too! Awesome!

  4. Good to see you post but sorry to hear you have not been up to par. . I found your references to some of the foods like tomatoes and peppers very interesting. Will have to check that out.
    I sure wouldn't win any speed contest with my hand quilting either but am slowly finding some sort of rhythem after being away from it for years. We don't have a big snowstorm but have entered a deep freeze where it is just nice to quilt by the fire in the evening.

    Take care and happy stitching!

  5. Your hand quilting looks just lovely - great colours in that quilt too. Don't feel you need to rush it - hand quilting should be relaxing :)
    Sorry to hear you have not been well - and good luck with the diet changes.
    Every Stitch

  6. So beautiful quilts. And your hand quilting looks wonderful.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  7. Your hand-quilting looks beautiful. Good luck on the finish.

    Your little leftovers quilt is just darling! And the twister baby quilt is too! Love that Ikea fabric! Didn't see any of that last time I was there. And, darn it, they don't sell it on the website!

    Sorry to hear that you've not felt so well lately. Good luck with the new diet. Many of us are changing the way we eat as we age. I haven't heard about some of the things you mentioned.

  8. Handquilting can be slow, but it is worth the effort in the end. I hope you make your February deadline!! My father used to make sauerkraut, it used to ferment in large earthern ware urns in my mother's walk-in pantry, When I was a kid, I used to sneak in there frequently and steal some now and again, I loved the stuff LOL!!!! Hope your new dietry plan works out for you, I'll have to check that link and see what it's all about!!!!

  9. Know the feeling on the slow progress of handquilting. It will be worth it so keep going. Good luck with the new eating plan. If it helps then it has to be a good thing.

  10. Glad to hear that you are feeling better. I think that the older we get the harder we have to work on our health. Good luck with the hand quilting, if you finish, good, but if you don't it will be ready for next time. Can you have the sauerkraut with sausages or pork? Probably not I suppose. I love the combination but it is not health food is it?

  11. Your quilting looks great and now that you are feeling better you may get more done. I made huge adjustments in my diet about a year ago. I need to apply them again - it's mostly the no sugar no carb, but I couldn't believe how great I felt.
    I love sauerkraut you'll have to let us know how it is!

  12. Your handquilting looks wonderful.
    The Lil Twister tops are beautiful.

    Greetings Manuela

  13. Hi Maureen! So glad to see your post!! I saw it last night on my reading list and read the first part about hand quilting - and I went right up stairs and quilted some on TWQ!! I want to finish it up, too!! So maybe we can encourage each other!!

    I'll be praying for you about your health!!

    Be Joyful!!

  14. Good luck on the Paleo!! My massage therapist told me about avoiding night shade plants to help inflammation. That sounds like what you are doing. The tomatoes are difficult for me to cut out.
    Love your quilt projects!! Glad to hear from you.

  15. I love all your projects. You are very talented. I've heard about the Paleo diet. Sounds interesting. Hugs

  16. Great hand quilting - love the picture of the quilt in the hoop. I am trying to do a 'hoop a day' and can identify with slipping a day or two ;-)
    I have a friend who has kraut every week. Best wishes with your food changes.
    Take care - and thank you for sharing.

  17. I felt better and lost a bit of weight with no sugar and no carbs, but with the holidays and winter we've slipped up a lot. Your hand quilt like I do, but I love it when I do sit down with a piece.