Friday, June 21, 2013

40th Annual Quilters Unlimited Quilt Show 2013 Part 2

I've been very distracted in my sewing room lately - mostly making scrappy 9-patches for my crabapple quilt. I think I'll also use them in a quilt for my great niece. I did clean up a pile of scraps in the process so that felt good to do. I've also hand pieced a few spool blocks and hexie flowers. I have a couple of projects I'm keeping secret.

I promised these show quilts soon and now I see it's been more than several days since I posted. We've had nice weather here in Virginia and I've spent a few of those days with the windows and doors open while I putter around the house - doing some cleaning, organizing and cooking. We spent last Saturday in Madison County Virginia. We just drove around and passed by a few properties we'd seen for sale online. I'm sorry I didn't take my camera with me. The town of Syria is the prettiest little town I've ever seen in Virginia. We are heading out again tomorrow. It's fun to look!

Hope you enjoy the rest of my favorites from the show-

A random sampler is on my list for the future-

This quilt was made with blocks from Barbara Brackman's Civil War Block of the Week-

Just had to get a pic of the sheep quilt-

Made by Bunnie-

I look tired because I was tired-

The above quilt is mine. I started this one in a class with Jo Morton last spring. Lynn Kraftson and Dorry Emmer also took the class. Their quilts are below. Lynn used batiks and Dorry used red and white fabrics. I love this pattern.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Thankyou for sharing this wonderful selection of quilts, I just loved them all!!!!!

  2. Awesome quilts! And it's so fun to see the same pattern in different color ways or fabrics. Is it weird that I'm totally intrigued by that Pink Candle quilt!?! I love it.....maybe because it's so different from what I normally do. I think I see a 'liberated quilting' class in my future! lol

  3. Ooo, nice show! Thanks, Maureen! I like that pink candle quilt too. Couldn't resist looking up the painting:
    because I love the Phillips museum so much! Good times visiting there a couple of years ago!

  4. Oh Maureen, thanks for the show!! Lots of star quilts and you know how I feel about those!! LOL I love your quilt - and not just because I have a little replica either!!


  5. So much to say--your favorites are my favorites. I would think, "Oh, this one will be my favorite," and then I would go to the next one and think the same thing. That was repeated more times than I can recall.
    And it was so fun to see a photo of you--I think that is the first one I have seen. Nice to put a face to your name.
    I love your quilt--great colors. Very warm and cozy looking.
    Glad to go along with you for the show! : )

  6. Thank you Maureen for sharing these beautiful pictures !

  7. I really enjoyed seeing these quilts - thank you for sharing them!!

  8. thank you for posting the pictures. It was just like going to a quilt show while I sipped my coffee. I think I'm going to have to move Rhubarb Crisp up to the top of my To Do list. I love the different versions of it.

  9. Cannot wait to see your secret projects! I am working on a random sampler too...a mystery Saturday sampler for the quilt shop where I teach. It is a fun project. And thanks for the quilt show shares.

  10. Wow, thanks for the wonderful quilt show pictures! I love that Amish 9-patch, and the liberated log cabin is fantastic! And what fun to see the Rhubarb Crisp in totally different color schemes! I love them all.

    Thanks for including a photo of yourself too. It's nice to see your sweet, if tired, face.

    I loved shopping for new property when we moved. I used to go Open Houses when I wasn't even looking, just because I enjoyed it so much! Have fun with your shopping!

  11. You have some beauties there! The Pink Candle quilt absolutely stopped me in my tracks. Love it! Thanks for sharing.:)

  12. A great assortment of beautiful work. Still love your Jo Morton stars as much as I did the first time that I saw it.

  13. there is some extreme talent represented within this post~!!~
    i have to say that of the three (last quilts) i liked your version the very best.
    i am totally in love with the "pink Candle" quilt~!

    hope all is well.

  14. Wow! What a great show. thank you for all of the great pictures.
    ...and without volunteers like you we wouldn't get to enjoy these shows.

  15. What great quilts - thanks for sharing!

  16. Thank you all of the photos, this is a huge gallery. The designs on some of these quilts is amazing. The sheep quilt is really impressive in how it came together almost symmetrically in the corners.

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