Wednesday, December 15, 2010


 These are crumb blocks I’m making as a leader/ender project while also making the 16-patch quilts. What you say? If you are familiar with Bonnie Hunter you know what I’m talking about.

Crumbs are little bits of fabric left over from other projects – bonus triangles, ends from strip piecing, etc. I was amazed at all the crumbs I found when I was doing some organizing of my sewing room last winter.


You just keep sewing them together any which way to make “fabric” and then cut it to the size you want. Mine are 4” (3 1/2” finished).

Crumbs in progress

after cutting to size

Leader/Enders are what you put through your sewing machine so you don’t have to clip the threads. Many quilters use a small piece of scrap fabric and throw it away when it becomes full of thread. Instead of doing that, you have a project ready to sew so you save thread and never have to clip the threads.

Crumb square in machine (last thing I did during previous sewing session). Then I sewed the sashing to the 16-patch. And then finish with another crumb square (or 2 or 3 or 4 - they are fun to do!).

Bonnie does a better job of explaining on her website Quiltville.

I’m thinking about a zigzag setting for the crumbs.

Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow afternoon. First, they said a dusting... now we are up to 1-2 inches (will we get none? or more?). I've been drooling over the picturesque snow scenes showed by other quilt bloggers. I'd love to be snowed in for a few days. I just hope my daughters flight gets in before it starts. Let it snow! - after 1:00PM!


  1. I love your crumb quilt!!! I'm not a very good leader/ender as that project generally becomes my main one! LOL
    I hope your daughter makes it in safely, then you get snowed in!!

  2. Yeah, I can see that happening!