Friday, February 11, 2011

Family Treasures - Chinese Star Quilt and Colonial Popcorn Bedspread

 I’m not sure who made this Chinese Star quilt. My mom said it came from my dad’s family (northeastern Pennsylvania), but by the time we knew to ask who made it there weren’t many of them to ask and those asked didn’t know. Someone in that family was a stitcher. My grandmother had a treadle sewing machine and I have crocheted doilies and handkerchiefs that came from that side of the family. I love this pattern and would like to reproduce this quilt some day. Some would call it a cutter, but I just can’t do that.

My aunt (mom's eldest sister) made this bedspread when she was about 18 years old. Wow! Quite an accomplishment at such young age and she did a great job, too! Her daughter gave it to my mom when my aunt passed away several years ago. It’s in my hands to repair it. This is a project I don’t want to put in a box as I organize – this needs to get done. It will sit in my living room where I do most of my handwork and it will stay there until it is finished.

 My aunt wrote this on the back of a mailer.

My aunt collected fans and we were given these because my daughter studies Japanese.

My maternal grandmother didn’t do anything with a needle because she lost her right index finger at the second knuckle as a teen, but she was a fabulous cook. She was of Slavic descent and every year we (my mom, sister and maybe kids and husbands) get together and make piroghy. Oh, and better not forget – my mom is also a fabulous cook and knitter!

Okay, not needle related, but I have to share. I broke up with my hairstylist today. I’ve been seeing her for about 15 years and she lives in my neighborhood. It was hard to do, but I haven’t been happy with my hair for a while. I went to someone new and I love what she did. I don’t really like how I photograph, but here is a pic of me and my pups who were also groomed today!


  1. Oh, no! There is no way I could cut into that beautiful quilt either! It's stunning! The bedspread is a treasure also. I don't know of any 18 year olds today who would do that. At least you have its history. Just another reminder that we should label our quilts. You come from a very talented family! And I think you and your puppies look great!


  2. What treasures you have! Cutter? No way!!

    Your hair looks great! It's hard to do but sometimes you have to make the move;)

  3.'s definitely NOT a's gorgeous....I would have it out on display!

    Your pups and your new-do are great! Finding a new stylist is so hard....I've been through 6 or 7 in the last 13 years here. They're good at first, but then they start to turn. I had one guy, he was fabulous, but took a job teaching at the hair school. I remember saying EVERY time he'd finished..."I feel like a movie star!" I miss that!

  4. You have 100% agreement in your comments --> it is NOT a cutter! Leave it as it is and treasure it! It looks bright and lovely.
    You're fortunate to have so many talented stitchers in the family, Maureen. (I avoid using the word "sewer" or "sewers" regarding people who sew. I've had a statement or two misunderstood due to the other meaning of "sewer.")
    Leaving the familiar is not easy, but if you have to, you have to. It looks like you made the right move. Great cut!

  5. You are lucky to have such gorgeous treasures from your past. That repair project is very important work. That bedspread must be soooo heavy. So that's the new you? She did a great job with your hair and lovely to meet you and your very well behaved pups.

  6. Don't cut! What a treasure. The popcorn quilt is beautiful too! What a tremendous amount of work.
    And love the new "do" (even if I didn't see the old one )! Sometimes a change is needed. You look great!

  7. Cool quilts! It makes me want to find out more about our family's quilting and artistic history. :-)
    Everyone looks so snazzy with their new cuts! I really like your hair, mom.

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