Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jenny Emry and a String Quilt

This quilt hung in the Quilters Unlimited show last year and was made by Jenny Emry. Jenny gave a lecture and trunk show to the McLean chapter last October. I love her make do attitude. She rarely buys fabrics from quilt shops. Instead she frequents yard sales and the like. A few of the quilts she showed were tops she purchased on ebay.

Yesterday, I moved my dining room table (fortunately it is on rollers) to clear floor space so I could baste the other 16-patch. While in basting mode I decided to do this string quilt, too. I started it last April in a class with Bonnie Hunter. It is her Virginia Bound quilt from her book Scraps and Shirttails (my blocks are the same size as hers, just fewer of them). She gave a lively lecture to the Burke chapter.

I’m trying to finish things up that are just lying around my sewing room. If I put them in a box...well, out of sight, out of mind.

I went to Costco yesterday and ordered a long overdue new pair of glasses – progressives this time. I now have glasses for reading and glasses for distance; neither of which are powerful enough for me. I don’t wear either unless I really need them and I’m thinking I will have to wear these progressives all the time to really get used to them. I need to look at this as a good thing. My eyes probably won’t feel so tired at the end of the day.


  1. Your string quilt is lovely. That Bonnie has such great ideas for using up scraps!

  2. Your Virginia Bound quilt is wonderful! Love the sparks of orange in it!

  3. With lots of scraps and a good eye for colour and design, see what can be done. I can see multi faceted gem stones in that string quilt. It looks great.

  4. Your string quilt is lovely. Such a fun way to use up those scaps!

    Thanks for sharing, :) Carolyn

  5. Lucky you to have taken a class with Bonnie Hunter. Just from her blog, I get the sense that she's a bundle of energy and filled with enthusiasm that has to bubble over during a class.

    I'm the same as you -- if I pack something away without finishing it, I forget about it.