Friday, March 4, 2011

Sunbonnet Sue and Pirohy

I won this Sunbonnet Sue at the McLean QU auction last year. Carolyn pieced and hand quilted it, but she received the blocks from a friend. The Sues are made from depression era fabrics and the sashing is new reproduction fabrics. I love how the sashing is done, the off center blocks, the colors and overall feel of the quilt. My husband asked if I was going to finish the embroidery. No, I think that is part of the charm!

My husband and oldest son went with me to my parents’ house last Sunday to make pirohy (youngest son didn’t come with us - doesn’t like it, didn’t want to go make it – he’s 17). My sister and her 2 daughters came, too. They showed us a DVD of film shot in about 1940 of their hometown in Pennsylvania. At one point my 14 year old niece said, “so, what, did this guy just go around filming people coming out of buildings?” Almost, but we also saw men going in and out of the coal mines, people walking down Centre Street and my aunt as drum majorette in the high school marching bad. It was interesting to see what he chose to film, as it was quite the novelty back then.

 Potato and cheese filling

 Another batch
Forgot to take a photo after they were cooked. We boil them and then toss in sauteed butter and onions - Yum!

  My moms' cousin gave her this cookbook              My grandmothers' pirohy recipe

 Len, newest member of our pack

Another use for my design wall – a barricade to keep Len out of my quilting area

Puppies and teenagers…


  1. Lovely post - great to see the group cooking! love those old family recipes - and sounds delicious :)

  2. Love the Sunbonnet Sue. I just had to google Pirohy to see what it was. A couple of the chefs at the nursing home where DH is are from Slovakia. I shall have to ask them to make some for me to try.
    Len looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.

  3. Old family recipes are the best!

  4. How wonderful that your extended family comes together to make pirohy - a fabulous tradition. The hand-written recipe is a treasure - just enough instruction to get you through the recipe but not enough to go it alone without learning from a previous generation.

  5. Yummy pirohy. We have a similar dish called "koldunai" with a variety of fillings. Usually we have them filled with meat but I have tasted ones with a mushroom filling, yum again. The little quilt is quite gorgeous, and I agree the sashing is a great addition.

  6. Ah, that is the second psot of pirohy's I've seen today! They look so scrumptious!
    Len is adorable? He is looking pretty relaxed.

  7. Yes, Maureen, you are so right looks almost identical to making pierogi!!! We boil them then, fry them in butter! The dough looks the same, we cut and fill them the same too. My MIL also makes them with sauerkraut and mushrooms, but I'm the only one that will eat those in my house. Yes this is a wonderful family tradition!! I'm so glad you stopped by!! :-)