Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Virginia Quilt Museum

I’m not used to so much talking – 4 hours with Regan on Friday and another 4 with Judy K. on the bus to and from the VQM. Plus, talking to so many quilting friends while visiting the Dayton market, Patchwork Plus and the reception at VQM. I consider myself an introvert. I think that is one reason I like this blogging thing. I have time to think of what I will say in my posts and comments. A real conversation requires me to be on my toes and think fast. Not always an easy thing for us introverts. I can’t stay in my comfortable place all the time and I do love getting together with others. Okay, enough of that – the Virginia Quilt Museum-

The VQM is in the Warren-Sipe House (built in 1856) in Harrisonburg located in the Shenandoah Valley. I should have taken some photos of the mountains, but I was too busy talking. ;o)

No photographs of the quilts were allowed, but I encourage you to go to Carolyn’s website and look around. I think you will get a sense of her energy and wit.

Look at some of these lovelies in the museum collection-

Here is my practice block for the Dear Jane raffle quilt. All ready for stitching-

Thanks Cheryl for telling me about the Pam Buda applique tutorial and Bea for this interesting DJ blog - That Quilt. I mostly followed Pam’s method, but I thought Anina's way was very creative. I just didn’t think I could use her method with the starched fabric. I think I’m ready to try the real block – not even going to stitch the practice one first. It was getting to this point that had me nervous. It isn’t perfect, but I can live with that. I think I will make a reverse of this block – red on yellow – and use it for my sampler quilt.

I won Lori’s quilt giveaway! Summer started off right for me!


  1. I loved this little insight into your personality. It sounds like it would have been a mentally exhausting day for an introvert. But all those vintage quilts! I would exchange some exhaustion to experience them. : ) Your DJ block looks wonderful and it will look great in the purples. I'm not so great at the applique thing, so I think I will bookmark this tutorial you used. It will come in handy. Have fun stitching!

  2. Congratulations on the lovely quilt you one from Lori! I am sure you are thrilled. Great practice Dear Jane block. Love your color combination!

    Thank for the information regarding the vintage quilts.

    :) Carolyn

  3. Your applique mock up couldn't look any more perfect! And I agree that blogging is perfect for us introverts!

  4. DH and I had a lovely day visiting the VQM about 10 years ago. On the photography front things must have changed as I took photo's of every quilt on display.
    Glad blogging has bought you out of your shell.

  5. Wow....those quilts at the museum look amazing! We almost went there on this trip.....will definitely go on the next time around.

    Your Dear Jane block is perfect. And the tutorials on those two sites were really helpful! Thanks, Maureen!

  6. How fun getting together with your quilty friends! Sounds like you did a lot of talking :) VQM seems to be another "must see" place someday... And your DJ block is looking so pretty! I love that fabric combination in red & yellow.

  7. What a great trip! Thanks for sharing.

  8. It looks like a great place to see. Love the book!!

  9. congrats on the win - a really good one, too!!
    looks like you have having a great time - love those quilts, thanks for sharing them.

  10. #1 - You lucky lady, winning that cute quilt from Lori.
    #2 - I also am an introvert and prefer blogging to any other form of social connecting. No Facebook, no Twitter, have a land line. I'm a relic of the past!
    #3 - The museum looks like a wonderful place to visit. Lucky you, again, for going there.
    #4 - I'm just back from a lengthy visit to Carolyn's website. I'm overwhelmed by her creativity and energy. She's quite a woman.
    #5 -Your DJ block looks fantabulous!

  11. What an inspirational day out at the Quilt Museum.
    You will be an applique expert before you know it.
    Congratulations on winning that lovely quilt. I got lost on Pam't blog for awhile, but I am back.

  12. have to go get the book out now and drool all over it look at these quilts just what I need more inspiration!