Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just Scrap Quilts

Amy was very humble about her quilts when I asked if I could post their photos on my blog – “these are just scrap quilts nothing special”. Oh, but I do think they are special. Look how she combined this Kaffe Fassett fabric with the repos in “Leftovers from Trade”. I LOVE IT! 

Amy's quilt made me think of this quilt I made for my oldest son a few years ago. He doesn’t like it because it is heavily quilted. I’m just not happy with my fabric choices, but I think it is perfectly comfortable and in the winter when I’m really cold at night this is the quilt I grab.

Here is a peek at Triangles. See this post for a little background. Friday evening I was thinking I needed more light calicos and as luck would have it, on Saturday I found some at my neighbors’ yard sale! I think most of the calicos I’m using are from the 70’s and 80’s. I’m tossing in some current day dots, plaids and strips. I’m showing two photos because I don’t think the third diagonal row of hst from the top looks good. It’s too bright. I think the calico was really a modern one from Joann’s. It might have been okay with something else, but the blue I paired it with was too bright. So I’m going with my replacement.

I’m so excited. I just signed up for Quiltmaking by Hand with Jinny Beyer at her studio in Great Falls. I recently decided I wanted to learn to piece by hand and who better to learn from than Jinny. I tried to get in her class in April, but they fill up quickly. She usually has 18-20 students! I didn’t know there was so much interest in handpiecing. Maybe the interest is more in Jinny! My class is in August.

Last Friday my youngest son took a friend to her prom. It was his first dance and I was surprised to hear that he was the one talking her into dancing!

It’s a quiet week here, which is good. I’m expecting a visit from Regan of Floating on a Quilted Cloud on Friday. She is in Virginia for her grandson’s graduation. I have some cleaning and straightening up to do. Long neglected because of recent activities. I’m so looking forward to meeting Regan.

Here is another of Amy's quilts-


  1. Amy's quilts are beautiful. The scrappier the better! And I like your quilt, even if your son didn't. I'm with you on replacing the brighter blue. Though some people throw in a bright color like that to make the quilt sparkle, I would have done what you did. : )

  2. Ditto on everything Janet O. said.....and your son is quite the gentleman.....love it when the guys WANT to dance! Very sweet!

    Jinny is the queen of handpiecing....oh, but I would love to take a class from her. I'll bet she knows ALL the tricks! Lucky you!

    And I can't wait to meet you, too, Maureen! See you on Friday.....somewhere around 10-11ish! (I say that cuz the google map of my route says it's 45 minutes, but with traffic could be an hour and a half! Eeek! There's just no telling until I'm in it!) I'll call from the road when I know better!

  3. Gosh, so much to say! I would never have thought of using that Kaffe print with those blocks, but it's amazing! I love it! I like a heavily quilted quilt; I love the weight of it. I agree...I like your replacement better too. The blue was the first thing my eye went to. Your son and his friend look so nice! I'm sure they had a great time! And, I'm so jealous that you and Regan get to spend some time together! My sister and I were just saying today how we would love to meet our blogging friends in person! Ya'll have fun!


  4. Your friend's quilts are gorgeous as well as the one you made for your son! He must be very spoilt by getting all kinds of goodies from your sewing room. And lucky you to have hit such a great calicos at the yard sale!! I've learned the hand quilting, but not really good at - need a lot of practice!, and will be interested in hand piecing someday when I have a lot of time... It seems to be so relaxing and actually most of my friends in Japan and France are still hand piecing and quilting.

  5. i love to hand piece certain things. i taught myself and i'll bet that you do learn so many tips and tricks as well as skills from Jinny Beyer~!!~

    scrap quilts rule~!


  6. The quilts are beautiful. I love the mix of fabrics.
    Your son is a handsome young man - a sweetie.
    Enjoy your company and I look forward to hearing about your class.

  7. Amy's quilts are amazing! Thanks for sharing them with us. Have fun at Jinny's class...maybe someday I will learn to hand piece.
    What a handsome young man!
    Triangles is going to be gorgeous!

  8. Great scrap quilts and I love the triangles - great setting.
    Your daughter looks beautiful - love the dress and hair.

  9. I am very impressed with Amy's quilt.She is so brave combining the different styles of fabric. Those stars literally glitter. Please pass on my compliments. The hst project is looking great. I am envious of your Jinny Beyer classes, have a wonderful time. Compliments to your handsome son and his pretty friend.

  10. I love the quilts!
    Did you son want a puffier quilt?
    How fun to take a class with the the Pro of hand piecing!!

  11. I've enjoyed your recent postings about the show. It looks like it was an entertaining event, filled with eye candy galore.
    Amy's quilts are wonderful! Love her setting with the triangle framing, and that pink quilt is yummy.
    You should be very proud of your son. He sounds like a true gentleman re: the prom.