Sunday, October 16, 2011

Some Thoughts and Things to Share

My last post and your lovely comments got me thinking. I do so appreciate your comments.

I’m obviously in the jump from one project to another camp. This seems to work best for me. It keeps me interested and gives me time to think about one project while I’m working on another. I know I could give up on some of these UFOs, but that just doesn’t sit well with me. I have gotten so much done the last year or two because of all the inspiration I get from blogging. I’m a member of 3 quilting groups (3 chapters of the Quilters Unlimited guild) and I don’t think I would ever give that up, but the day-to-day inspiration has been so helpful in getting me over the hump on many projects.

I guess this is an early Thanksgiving post! lol

My mom asked how I get so much quilting done and I told her I use it as a substitute for worrying. When I’m working myself up about something I’ve learned to switch gears and start thinking about quilts instead. Better yet, I go to my quilting cave!

All of the above was written last Monday. It is now Sunday and I finally have a day to relax. I was hoping to post on Thursday or Friday and tell you about Janet's, Cathy's and Doniene's giveaways. Janet’s is over, but you still have time to enter Cathy’s and Doniene’s.

I hosted Bunco Friday evening so there was a flurry of cleaning, shopping and food preparation last week. Yesterday I was at a high school marching band competition, a craft show where I found a couple pairs of cute earrings and the Quilters Unlimited fall lecture.  I will tell you about the lecture in my next post.

I slept in late today and have just been puttering around the house. I so admire the beautiful photography I see in many quilting blogs so I asked my husband if I could use his camera. Typically, I just use my point and shoot. I took some photos with his camera and mine today and can tell it isn’t just the camera that is important. I definitely have a lot to learn.

Here is a better look at the little pincushion from Ireland. The stuffing isn’t like it used to be so it is a little flat. I’m just using it for the few pins I need while I hand piece my spool blocks.

This is the corner of a pillowcase I embroidered as a teen. The pillowcase was tie-dyed purple and has been washed so many times you can barely see the purple dye.

I also stitched these little ladies as a teen (click to enlarge). I’m not sure what to do with them now. They were taped around cardboard and I can faintly see where I signed the cardboard and dated them March 1977. Not sure if you can see in the photo –  they are printed with “ Copyright Sunset Designs 1973”.

It is a beautiful day here today. We’ve had so much rain I can’t help wondering what the winter will bring us. Today is cool, sunny and breezy. I went outside and took some shots in the yard and of my paternal grandmother’s sewing case.

That tomato pin cushion was mine - probably purchased when I first took Home Ec in junior high school.
 The thimbles and bobbins came from my maternal grandmother.

My sewing machine is being cleaned so I’ve been prepping the t-shirts for the quilt I’m making for my niece. I had a couple gals from the neighborhood over one morning last week to see how I do it. They aren’t quilters and want to make t-shirt quilts for family members. I may be giving them advice as they progress.

Now, time for me to go catch up on my blog reading!


  1. I really like the Irish pincushion. Don't some people have interesting imaginations? Interesting to see some items from your and your grandmother's past.

  2. I rememebr Sunset stitchery - I loved buying those kits with my babysitting money...
    Thanks for all the great photos, the shoe is fabulous and how great you have your grandmother's sewing box and goodies.
    You inspired me to pull out my oldest UFO and I just might finish it this month!

  3. I think you photography is excellent, Maureen! Of course, getting to use a really good camera is always fun, too! lol

    I love your grandmothers sewing looks brand new! Isn't is nice how she kept it to last!

    And what a happy pup with a stick! Too cute!

  4. Great post Maureen and I love the pin cushions and thimbles. I can relate about the photography as I am a point and shoot girl while my husband is the photographer in the family. Take care.

  5. What a lovely post!! I just love to have a poke around in someone else's sewing basket/box etc especially if it's hold and handed down, there are always so many little hidden treasures and a story about the person who owned it in the first place, the things they kept and treasured!!! Thankyou for sharing!!!

  6. I love your pincushion and your grandmother's sewing box. What a treasure. Hugs

  7. I just found your blog today from a link someone posted to Stashbusters. Your triangle quilt in your last post is so lovely. I had to chuckle, because I have used, and still have many of those fabrics! I also stitched that little sewing girl with the long brown braid. I made it for my grandmother in the 70's, then got it back after she passed away. It is hanging up in my sewing room. Your quilts are really lovely, and I'm so glad I found your blog!
    Vickie in Cleveland