Sunday, October 23, 2011

Union Star and a Bonus Quilt

Union Star - 70"x80"
This Union Stars quilt was a Ways and Means for Burke QU many years ago. We received a bundle of fabrics and the pattern. I had quite a bit of fabric left over after making the quilt. It wasn’t prewashed fabric so I didn’t want to just toss it in with my stash. One day I just started playing with the leftover pieces. I don’t remember how long it took me to make the quilt below, but I think it went together pretty quickly. I was very flattered when I went to purchase the backing fabric at Treasures from the Heart in Occoquan (now closed) and the owner asked me what pattern I used!
Bonus quilt - 53"square

The Union Star was one of the first quilts I quilted on my Bernina 440 with the stitch regulator. I did a big meander stitch.  The bonus quilt is just quilted with straight lines on the diagonal.

Yesterday, I bought some apples at the farmers market and made applesauce in the crockpot. I was blog hopping a couple weeks ago and found a recipe at Loft Creations.

I modified it – just put the peeled, cored and quartered apples to fill the crock pot ¾ of the way full. Added a cinnamon stick and a splash of orange juice and set it on high. After an hour it looked like it hadn’t changed a bit. 

When I checked at 2 hours it was done.

Very tasty!

Edit: Vivian made a good point in her comment. Notice how the applesauce splattered within the pot. Be sure not to overfill - 2/3 of the way full may be best. I think the next time I make it I will do it on low. I used an old crock pot and I think they get hotter than the new ones.

This afternoon I went to a quilt dating club meeting. Wow! The antique quilts I saw were such a treat. I have to wait until January for the next meeting. I will have sweet dreams tonight – that’s if I can fall asleep with all the quilts dancing in my head!


  1. People often complain that there aren't enough fabrics in a kit to finish a quilt. To be able to get a second quilt is truly a bonus. Lovely work.
    I can almost smell that apple sauce. I never thought of using my slow cooker that was.

  2. The first quilt from the kit is so crisp and cozy looking, but your original second one is fantastic. Such a deserved compliment, for the quilt shop owner to think you used a pattern. The kit had a wonderful combination of fabrics.

    Your applesauce sounds delicious. One word of warning--don't overfill the crockpot. The recommendation of 3/4 full is excellent. As a young housewife, I filled our new slow cooker to the top with apples. They'd be cooking down, so I had plenty of room, I thought. Mistake.
    They cooked down, then bubbled over, and they cooked onto the heating base so thoroughly that I never got it clean. The applesauce burned into the paint and scarred it forever.
    I'll try it again some day, as your recipe sounds mouth-watering.

  3. I'm with Vivian on the quilts.....the Union Star is lovely, but your bonus quilt is WOW! It has so much pizzazz, hard to believe they were the same fabrics! Love 'em!

    And I'm going to try that sounds great, and pretty easy, too! We love that!

  4. Both quilts are great. I have always liked the Union Square block, but I must give the nod to your original quilt!

  5. I love both quilts--the planned and the scrappy. Your original design is so lively and fun. Great job.
    Applesauce looks yummy!

  6. I love both quilts and the fabrics choice is wonderful. Great job !

  7. A bonus quilt is like winning a raffle. Lucky you! Beautiful work on both quilts. I think the one you designed is my favourite. And so clever to put the extra fabric to work right away rather than letting it age in a scrap bin.

    You've got me thinking I should dig out my crock-pot and give home-made apple sauce a try.

  8. I love what you did with the leftovers!! Great design and the applesauce looks so yummy.

  9. I absolutely love your own quilt design and how lucky was that to be able to make as large a quilt as you did - well done. Take care.

  10. Apples look yummy!
    Both quilt s are very pretty - I LOVE that you did with the scraps - very well done!
    So happy you enjoyed the quilt meeting - I bet you had great dreams...
    Thank you for sharing.

  11. Love the plaids in both quilts, you did a great job with the left-overs!!!! I still have no plaids in my stash at all, don't really know why!! The quilts always look so cottageey!! Great apple sauce, I bet it's yum!!!

  12. I like the first quilt , but I LOVE the second quilt!!!! very creative and great use of the scraps:_)
    oh nothing like fresh apples!

  13. I love both quilts..very creative use with your leftover scraps, makes you feel sooooooo good when an idea pops up like that!

    Yummy looking applesauce...I bet it snells good in your house!

    Carolyn :)

  14. Love your quilts, and the applesauce looks wonderful!