Sunday, November 6, 2011

Morningstar Top

I finished a quilt top this weekend. It includes my Morningstar blocks from a class I took over a decade ago. I was inspired by the setting used in an antique quilt Liz posted on her blog Quilterie. If my math is right, I used 342 one inch half-square triangles. It is about 33 inches square.

It took a lot of pinning-

A lot of steam-

And here it is-

The edges are pretty wobbly. Maybe I should add a plain border to even it up.


  1. Love it!! Love stars!!! Isn't it always fun to finish a UFO! Good job!


  2. Oh my! So many HST to create such a dramatic setting. Well done!
    I'd be tempted to add a straight border to help settle all those little triangles down. I think it would be a logical addition. You should be proud of yourself, choosing such a challenging setting for your blocks.
    It's a wonderful finish!

  3. Maureen....this is gorgeous! WOW! And the blocks you have hiding on the side of your design wall are fabulous, too! Can't wait to see what you do with those, too!

  4. Holy HST! 1" square HSTs is true dedication. It certainly makes for jaw-dropping dramatic star blocks.

  5. Wow! That is really something. Very striking. It looks great as is, but I think your idea of a solid border to stabilize it would be a good move.

  6. Wonderful!!!!! Always feel so good when finishing a project!I too, want to see your projects hiding behind your wall! Always a delight to see what you are up to.


  7. Beautiful - it was worth all the work.
    Are those NYB blocks I see on the right????

  8. OMG that's a lot of tiny HST - they look awesome!! You may want to just try stay stitching the edge before binding if you don't want another border.

  9. adding those hst was such a great idea, they look wonderful!
    wow, it was so worth the effort.
    hmmm yes a border will calm those edges down
    oh its just beautiful

  10. Wow, what a labor of love---it's gorgeous!

  11. I like it so much! Nice job!!
    Another border would look good too if you decide on that option.

  12. Looks great Maureen, you are quite the expert on hst's.

  13. That's a beautiful quilt Maureen. That is sure a lot of half square triangles, but I think it was worth every stitch. I think a solid border would be a logical choice, but whether you add one or not it's wonderful.

  14. Your efforts have produced a stunning setting for your stars!!!! I turned my head to see how this would look on point, a wonderful centre piece for a quilt either way!!!!