Monday, December 12, 2011

I’m a Proud Mama

A couple weekends ago we attended the Bachelors of Fine Arts Exit Show at the University of Georgia. Our daughter is studying graphic design and here is her project.

“Threads is an organization that promotes awareness of and legislation against the unethical use of pesticides and insecticides, employment of sweatshop labor, and other issues pertinent to the textile and especially retail clothing industries”.

I thought this was amusing…

I didn’t know she knew how to make minor repairs to clothing. lol Notice the little mending kit.

Flowers from friends.

The show also included fabric designers-

And I liked the packaging for these seeds done by one of the other graphic design students-

While in Athens we visited this little craft market-

I purchased this cute owl for my tree-

We talked with a young woman who was busy sewing by machine. She repurposes clothes! Some of her creations were in the local thrift store and she had just sent some things to a shop in Arizona. Good for her!

This quilt was the backdrop in one of the craft booths.

I’m recovering from a head cold so I didn’t do much stitching last week. I picked up something mindless I had started before our Georgia trip. What else – half square triangles! I decided to finish this UFO by surrounding it with pinwheels. I think I will look back on 2011 as the year of the HSTs!

These young women inspired me to do something in regard to recycling fabrics. Last night I stitched together narrow strips of batting and quilted this pillowcase. I hope to visit the local animal shelter sometime soon to see if they can use this and whatever else I can stitch together to use as bedding for the animals.

I discovered beagles like old pillows in their crates. Len has been with us 9 months and I've only once seen him go in his crate willingly. Len watched me put the pillow in his crate, followed it and settled in for the next couple of hours. Wish I'd known sooner!

Hope you are enjoying this holiday season. Cheers!


  1. You have a right to be proud! Yay for your daughter!

    And I just love that red string spiderweb quilt at the craft fair.....was it for sale, or just decoration in the booth?

    I love those pinwheels around that quilt.....looks good!

  2. Congratulations to your daughter! I will share her project with my daughter, also a graphic designer. You should be proud!

    Len looks so sweet on his pillow.

  3. Uh oh. Now you know she can repair her own clothes. Quilting can't be far behind.

  4. Congratulations to your daughter! How fun to see her display.

    Len looks so happy!! Too funny!!

  5. Maureen - and well deserved! Congratulations to your daughter and such a perfect subject to work around. Since quilting is in the genes - it might just be a natural progression...
    Such a happy quilt and all those pinwheels are wonderful.

    Just finished reading The Art of Racing In the from a dog's perspective and he gets so frustrated that he can't talk and tell people things...your pup looks comfy and probably wishes he could have told you sooner.

  6. Congratualtions to your DD - what a beautiful exhibit! VERY proud you should be ;-)
    It looks like an exhibit I would enjoy.

    Your year of HST's was great!!

    Len looks very content, and I'm sure the shelter will be greatful for your kindness.

  7. Your daughter's display looks great. Bust a few buttons over her--go ahead!
    Your UFO finish is going to be wonderful. I think I would be suffering HST burnout by now!
    Cute beagle all "snug in his bed".

  8. Lovely post Maureen, I enjoyed the photos you shared of the exhibition, all the graphics look as though they were very well thought out!!!
    Love the 'beagle bed' LOL!!! I have pet futons (all natural fibres, cotton covers and pure Australian wool filling) for my two little dogs, they love them!!!

  9. It looks like a thought provoking exhibition Maureen, you must be proud as punch.
    Your UFO is going to look great with all those hst's framing it.
    I thing you gave your beagle the perfect Christmas gift.

  10. Congratulations to your daughter!! I see why you are very proud!!! Lovely quilts and lovely finds at the craft market. Wonderful HST!!!

    Thanks so very much for the fabric - it is truly lovely and so very generous!!! What a dear you are!!

    Blessed Christmas to you and all your family!!!

  11. I enjoyed your post from beginning to end. Congrat's to your daughter. How exciting for you to be there to share her time in the spotlight, and such a meaningful project.
    You have a lot of work ahead with all those HSTs, but it'll be a striking border.