Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking back to 1-1-11

I’ve known for a while I wanted to address what I posted on 1-1-11. Overall, I’m happy with what I accomplished this year.

Here is what I’ve done with the stars and stepping-stones.
Earlier this year, I thought of doing some applique, but that just wasn’t happening. I really wanted to get this one out of the way so I decided to chop off some of that plain border and surround it with pinwheels. I finished it up this afternoon, but I see I need to add more pinwheels on the bottom. It measures about 68"x 84".  I'm concerned with how big it is getting and how hard it will be to machine quilt it. It is no longer a square and I'm happy about that. 

The only thing I’ve done with these New York Beauty blocks is put them on the design wall and take them off. Maybe next year.

Here is my progress on the Lone Star. Appliqueing it to the background worked and now I’m painstakingly making these diamonds for the border. I’ll make Lemoyne stars for the corners. This needs to be done and quilted by the end of February. I decided it fits the “diamonds are a quilters best friend” challenge of one of the quilt groups I belong to. I was determined to do something with pieced diamonds to show I can do it. I took apart the extra strip sets, cutting and sewing to make these 4 part diamonds. I found this ruler at Mary Jo's Cloth Store. I'm not sure I'm using it exactly as it is intended. I may have a few cut off points, but I can live with that.

These two projects were also old timers so I’m glad I at least have 2 finished tops.
I'm still thinking about adding a border to the star quilt so I can square it up. It measures about 33" square though there is variation of about 1/2". What do you think of this fabric for a border?

Quilting these tops is on my list for 2012. My next post will be about my other plans for next year. I'm planning to get a start on two projects tomorrow.

I was surprised to read the end of the post from 1-1-11. I’d kind of forgotten about that – the quilting in the moment bit, but I do think I’ve gotten better at it. I find I’m taking my time more and not worrying so much about other things. I took the time with the pinwheels for the stars and stepping-stones to trim them up before stitching them together. I knew I was supposed to do that, but often didn’t take the time. I’ve also done some challenging things – like the diamonds – that force me to take it slowly to even have a chance of it coming together correctly. I want to do more of that in 2012.

No parties for me tonight. I’ll probably spend most of the evening in my basement stitching away, maybe read a little (I Only Say This Because I Love You by Deborah Tannen), and watch a little tv with hubby. We’ve been catching up on The Big Bang Theory reruns.

Happy New Year!


  1. I'm glad your appliqued Lone Star turned out well, I love what you are doing around the border areas! I've made 3 Lone Star quilts, but only two have been finished, one still a flimsy, ho-hum!!!!
    You've certainly achieved more than I have in 2011 LOL! My only hope is that 2012 is an improvement!!!
    All the very best to you for 2012!!!!

  2. Your New Year's Eve sounds just like ours...with a winter storm advisory in place, sitting home by the fire and stitching is much more appealing.

    You should be very proud of all your accomplishments - wonderful patterns and colors...

    Wishing you a Happy New Year and lots of Happy Quilting.

  3. All of your projects look great! Love all those pinwheels on that quilt! And that border on the Lone Star is beautiful!

    We love the Big Bang Theory here, too! Sheldon is a hoot!

    Happy New Year!

  4. I wish you a very happy New Year with lot of beautiful quilts. XXX

  5. Happy New year I love your Lone Star quilt it looks great!
    making progress on your projects thats a good thing, finishes are good too.
    cant' wait to see your 2 new projects!

  6. Happy New Year Maureen. Great philosophy for 2012. My hat is off to you for tackling diamonds! I have tried only once and failed. I really like the border you chose

  7. I'm going with looking forward this year - not back.
    I think you made great progress on projects this year.
    I'm glad I found your blog and look forward to your next post!!

  8. Stars and stepping stones looks great and the colours in your Lone Star are almost flourescent. You should be very proud of your achievements for 2011.

  9. It looks like you are ending one year and starting the other with a bang! Love the quilt on the bed, but agree it needs more pinwheels at the bottom:)
    The lone star is coming along nicely too. Great projects!!

  10. wow you get so much accomplished and it's all beautiful~!!!!~

    the pinwheels are very nice on your stars and stepping stones quilt. i really like the way it works out so well for them to cover the pillow.

    your new york beauty blocks are gorgeous~! can hardly wait to see what you might do with those.

    i like the border you have chosen for your star quilt (which is beautiful). i bet you've already made a decision and have this done now~!