Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Place for Quilts

I almost titled this post “Chalk Paint”, but that’s not very quilty and since this is a quilt blog I thought I’d focus on the function of my newly painted vintage desk. 

This little desk was my mom’s.  She gave it to me (well, she really gave it to my son, but he doesn’t seem to mind my antics with it). I think this is the third time I’ve painted it. The last time was a bad milk paint job.
The lid won’t stay on because the wood has rotted in one corner. 

I put two coats of Old White Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (drying 24 hours and sanding after each coat) and two coats of Annie Sloan Clear Wax (again, drying 24 hours and buffing after each coat). Thanks to my DH for helping me with the buffing - that's a good workout! The surface is really smooth and I’m very happy with how it turned out.

I also did these two wooden trays. I’m not sure what I will do with them. I picked them up cheap and they were a good example of a smooth wood surface and a rough one. 

What did I learn? Next time I will put on two thicker coats of paint or a third thin coat. It really is a friendly paint – no priming needed though there were some rough spots on the desk I wish we had smoothed out more.

I’m participating in the Jubilee Quilt Project that Barb, Regan and Lori have masterminded. The link is on my blog list. I plan to post soon, ideally tomorrow since I turn 51 on Friday. I figure at least I will have a start as a 50 year old. I’m glad they aren’t being too strict with participation.
; c )


  1. You are having too much fun with that chalk paint. I love the old desk to display a stack of quilts.
    The trays are beautiful, too. There has to be some way to involve little vintage-looking quilts with those.
    I decided not to do the Jubilee quilt, since I am a few years past my Jubilee year and I am already snowed under with projects (so, who isn't?).
    I look forward to seeing what you create!

  2. Great job with the chalk paint!! Lovely way to display quilts? Looking forward to your Jubilee quilt! Such ambition - I admire!!

  3. Wow, that paint looks great! I love the handled tray and how you have your quilts piled up on that little desk. Super good!

  4. Your adventure into furniture refinishing turned out great! I am still on the fence about a Jubilee quilt. My 60th is around the corner, so maybe then.

  5. it's amazing how different the desk looks in it's before and after shots~!!~
    i think it's a great place for quilts too.

    i'll be doing my own little jubilation dance, although i'm still putting my details together . . .


  6. Love how your painty projects came out......really beautiful! And I love the quilts stacked on the little desk.....sweet! Can't wait to see what you will be making for the Jubilee quilt! Have any good plans for your birthday?

  7. Happy Birthday for Friday!!!!!!

    Love your painted trays.

    Looking forward to seeing your plans for your Jubilee quilt.

  8. Hahaha ! I plan my own post for feb. 22, my birthday, for the jubilee quilt !

  9. Hello, Maureen ;>)
    I'm just discovering your beautiful blog and - Oh, My! - such wonderful post, with gorgeous quilts (I'm learning a lot, I want to make them ALL!), as well as yummy recipes, etc... Definitely a must read! I'm SO happy we met through the Jubilee project. THANKS for the inspiration, dear !

  10. Love your newest painted projects!! It looks really good.
    I'm so happy you joined the Jubilee Project!!

  11. Your paint projects are wonderful. Great to give new life to furniture.
    I like the trays for projects....I tend to have them around the house.
    The stack of quilts is really pretty too ;-)

    Have a Happy Birthday!! Looking forward to your jubilee quilt.

  12. Your middle name isn't Martha is it? You're giving Martha Stewart a run for her money. The new paint looks great, and that table is a great place to stack quilts.

  13. Happy Birthday!!!
    I love your painted pieces. they look so soft and smooth - great job!
    enjoy your special day

  14. Nice makeovers with your quilt table and trays Maureen! It's amazing what a coat of paint can do to give a piece a new lease and purpose in life!!!!

  15. I really like what you did with those pieces. White painted furniture looks so fresh and is the perfect foil for your quilts. MS