Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival

I had a lovely day last Friday. I drove down to Hampton, Virginia (about a 3 hour drive) to go to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. It was good to see my friend, Alice. She is doing well and it was fun to see a show with her – just like old times!

If you are ever in the southern U.S. and looking for a quick bite to eat, stop at a Chick-fil-A. I had a yummy chicken biscuit sandwich around 9:00 am and it held me until I ate dinner at 5:00 pm. The service at Chick-fil-A is the best. It is fast food, but they often stop at your table to offer extra napkins or to get you a refill on your drink. On Friday the gal didn’t just hand me my tray of food – she walked it over to a table for me. Be forewarned – they are closed on Sundays.

But I digress. Here are some photos of my favorite quilts from the show.

Unfortunately, I missed getting the maker of the above quilt.

The above quilt got my vote for “viewers choice”. Feathered stars! Am I just noticing these more because I want to make one? If you’ve been reading The Jubilee Quilt Project blog, you know I plan to make a feathered star as the medallion for my jubilee quilt. I wish I had taken more photos of this quilt.

Hope you enjoyed the show. It was a good day even though I drove through a thunderstorm on my way home (in February?!!!). There were more art quilts than I expected and I think more floor space was allotted to vendors than to quilts. Not complaining! Here is what I purchased – 

a wool pincushion kit, marking tools, hand quilting thread and needles, honeycomb papers and just 7 fat quarters (I didn’t even look at bundles or yardage) and a book. The book is Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses by Linda Franz of inklingo. I didn’t even know I wanted this book! I’ve visited the inklingo website before and found it a little confusing. I’ll have to give it another try. Lucy Boston was a novelist, first published when she was in her sixties. She sewed and gardened into her nineties. What an inspiration! I haven’t finished going through the whole book, but from what I can tell it gives instructions for making Lucy’s Patchwork of the Crosses quilt using three different methods and how to design your own quilt using the two shapes – the honeycomb and a square. To find out more about Lucy Boston go to

I’m interested in the English paper piecing because I think it is the most portable quilting project I’ve ever done. What is your opinion on this?


  1. Oh What fun!
    Lots of good medallions and feathered stars!!!! Gotta say, I really love the applique on the very first quilt up there. Yum!!
    I love that POTC quilt...I would have bought the exact same thing you came home with!

  2. Love English Paper Piecing - very portable.
    Fabulous quilts! Thanks for taking us along.
    I saw the feathered star quilt in VA last fall - and bought the paper piecing patterns. I loved her fabric variety but I've made no fabric decisions for mine.
    Thanks for the fun post - I think you used great restraint in your shopping ;-)

  3. Thankyou for sharing those wonderful inspiring quilts!! Some of the hand work in them is spectacular and a credit to their makers!!! It must have been wonderful to have seen them up close, sounds like you had a great time!!!!

  4. a lovely post full of quilty eye candy ~ thank you~!!~
    i think the quilt that caught my attention the most is the album quilt done using the stripes . . . what a different background and setting to use for these blocks but i think it looks quite wonderful. of course they are all great in their own way but this one stood out for me.

    paper piecing is wonderfully portable. i had to spend 4 hours on the road traveling yesterday and that's what i took along with me. i chose to baste rather than stitch them together as i felt like my vision couldn't hold up to any extra vibration from the car.


  5. THANKS for these beautiful pictures, dear Maureen, I really enjoyed them ;>)
    Aaaah, English Paper Piecing is my MOST favourite technique : as you say it is so handy and portable (very addictive, too!), but above all it is SO precise. You're never disappointed with EPP and the results are always rewarding !
    Patchwork of the Crosses : as a matter of fact, I've been looking at this pattern for quite some time, it's really tempting me but with the EPP method (not the Inklingo one, which I don't like at all). I will certainly make that quilt in the future... after my Jubilee quilt ;>)

    Enjoy your sewing, dear !


    (by the way, I just LOVE your Blog Header)

  6. Thanks for the quilt show pictures!

  7. Thanks for sharing the quilt show pictures and the information about each quilt maker/quilter. Looks like it was a fun show.

    The "Celebration of American Life" is on my list of "someday quilts". I have the book/pattern. Have always loved that quilt.

    Glad you had a good time - thanks again for sharing!


  8. What a fabulous show! That feathered star IS gorgeous. And it was a very good thing you took a list.....I'll bet there was a lot of temptation!

    I've been on the Inklingo site several times, and it is totally confusing to me. I end up going round and round in circles, and never getting to the actual 'print this' stuff. It is probably just me, not paying enough attention, but it was very frustrating.....and I put it away! Let me know how you make out with it, if you try it again.

  9. What wonderful eye candy--I think the first Feathered Star quilt caught my eye the most. I had to go back and look at it a couple of times. I'm enrolled in a feathered star class at a LQS next month. Can't wait!
    Yes, I think the EPP method is highly portable. I've been carrying mine around for about 15 years now! : )

  10. Great quilts from what seems to have been an enjoyable quilt show for you to visit.
    Shall whatch to see how your Lucy Boston quilt comes along.

    I enjoyed the post.


  11. Thanks for all the beautiful photos. So many gifted and patient quilters out there.
    I really enjoy EPP and the workshop that I did with Sue Daley was wonderful. You get such a lovely finish.
    I am a fan.

  12. Thank you so much for sharing the quilt show. I really enjoyed the photos. I too love EPP. I've been working on a grandmothers flower garden for about 10 But it is my go to project when traveling. Can't wait to see your medallian block. Mine is done and I plan on working on the first round of blocks today. Hugs

  13. Nice loot from the show!
    Thanks for posting these wonderful photos and for giving credit!! Thanks for that.
    I'll be at the Mancuso tri-state quilt show this friday. My India quilt will be there too -
    looks like this was a great show. I think they'll have the winners at this weekends show - yea!

  14. Thanks for the wonderful, beautiful eye candy! Love those quilts. My faves are the old pieced patterns - the 4-patches one, the churn dashes, puss in the corner. But I do love the applique one with the blue stripe background - fantastic!

    I think you restrained yourself admirably! I've only tried EPP once, when I was a new quilter, and didn't care for it much. I LOVE my machine. But I certainly admire anyone who can do the EPP - it is beautiful.

  15. You chose some wonderful quilts to showcase on your blog!! It looks like a terrific show!!

    I never have done English paper piecing, so I woulnd't know! I love to see others carry it around:)

  16. Thank you for sharing these pictures~ I didn't take any and trying to describe those teeny hexies to my husband was pointless without a visual! You captured some of my favorite quilts at the show. Regarding paper piecing: I started making 1 1/4" hexagons as a time and scrap killer while I sit backstage at plays I work on or car rides. They are so quick and there's something so satisfying at seeing the baggie get filled with potential quilts! I've used a few to make some flower appliques for my granddaughters quilt but a larger project is on the schedule for this year. I love the portability of paper piecing!

  17. Wonderful, wonderful display of photos for us from the show. We see inspiration all over blogland, but your post just got a line in my "don't forget this one" list. It's too easy to forget where we saw something we'll want to see again. I'm sure your pulse rate was on the rise now and then, seeing these beauties in person.

  18. This is the third blog I have visited with pictures from the show. Must have been a wonderful thing to see.