Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I really appreciate all your encouraging words and suggestions on my challenge quilt. I hope to get back to it soon, but in the meantime I decided to keep working on this quilt.
I started it in a Jo Morton class last spring. When I put it away because of other projects I hoped I’d have time in the fall to pull it out again. I just love these 4” stars and I like the method Jo showed us to make the flying geese. You can see her method here.

It’s been a while since I showed my hexagons. I stitched a lot on these over the summer.

I found this on the Herring Run Quilter’s Guild website-

Fun Quilting Abbreviations:

NESY: not even started yet
FQ: fat quarter
LQS: local quilt shop
FART: fabric acquisition road trip
FIU: finish it up
HSY: haven’t started yet
OBW: one block wonder
PIGS: projects in grocery sacks
PIPS: projects in process
SABLE: stash accumulation beyond life expectancy
SEX: stash enhancement expedition
UFO: unfinished object
USO: unstarted object
VIP: very important project
WHIMM: works hidden in my mind
WIP: work in progress
WIWMI: wish it would make itself
WOMBAT: waste of money, batting and time
WWIT: what was I thinking
WISP: work in slow progress
WIVSP: work in very slow progress

A few weeks ago I bought this African violet at Home Depot. I haven’t had houseplants in ages. These blooms have faded and new ones seem to be sprouting even though I haven’t gotten the African violet food the label says it needs. I hope I can keep this little guy alive. So far it seems to like the filtered light in my living room.

I'm off to go work on a WIP.


  1. Oh, I love the stars in those Fall colors. And don't flying geese just seem to fit Fall projects? I just learned that flying geese method last year--it is a good technique.
    The little hexagon flowers are so cute. Are you shooting for a certain number, or just making them until you decide to stop?
    I love African violets. That is a very pretty one.
    Mine live on my kitchen window sills, which is the best place for them in my house. I currently have 9 of them. Yes, I am a houseplant person.--I have 17 others besides the violets. : )

  2. the stars and geese look like a perfect fall project.

    i haven't worked on my grandmother's flower garden for quite a while but when i walked past it the other day it whispered to me so i'm thinking it may be coming out for some more stitching soon . . .

    i have one african violet. i got a start of the plant from my grandmother several years ago and it is one happy plant. my grandmother has passed away but i think of her every time i see this plant.
    i think yours looks pretty happy too.

    love the FQA's.

  3. The list sounds like a load of medical complaints of which I definitely have the last two. Lovely WIP's.

  4. what pretty colors in the first picture, so appropriate working in fall colors now!
    I don't have a green thumb either, hope the plant keeps blooming for you its soooo pretty
    Love it on the quilt :)

  5. I love those abrevs.
    Your star blocks are just wonderful. I don't remember seeing these before. Just love the scrappy style.
    Your hexies look great too!
    I love African violets, yours is lovely. I'll have to pick one up they are so sweet looking.
    lovely post

  6. The abbreviations gave me such a laugh. Both your WIPs are so pretty.

  7. Fun Acronyms, kind of like reading texts from the kiddos ;-)
    The four inch stars are great - the sashing really adds a lot. The Hex project is really growing - fun to see them all laid out together - great impact. I enjoy my plants and gifted them before moving. Time to start again. My GG had African Violets, I think for now I'll stick to kitchen herbs.
    Have a great week!

  8. Love your African violet....and the quilt!
    The abbreviations are a hoot! I think I have a collection of WIVSP!! Lol

  9. Fantastic work. I love your hexagonquilt so much.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  10. I love your little stars too!

  11. I love african violets! Feed them heavily and they will bloom all year. They do well in an east or northern window, a lot of light but not direct sunlight. I love planting mine in milk glass I purchase at the flea market, but seeing your pic makes me want to make a window sill runner to put under them, gorgeous!

  12. Oh oh oh! I LOVE your Jo Morton quilt blocks! And that sashing just puts it into the next higher catagory of love. Yum! And I love her method of the flying geese - so easy and so accurate!

    Your hexies are looking fab too!

    What a sweet little violet - it does look happy! I can't have living plants in my house - a certain furry baby likes to eat them. Not Good...for either of them!

    Love those acronyms! Thanks for the giggle!

  13. I love your projects AND the abbreviations...sooo funny!!

    I just use Miracle Grow on my violets about once a month and mine are just CONSTANTLY blooming. I have mine in a south window with my blinds turned to where there is no direct sunlight on them. In another house years ago I had them in a north window and they did OK too. You can see some photos of mine on my blog. You won't have to scroll back too far. You will LOVE your violet after you get the hang of it!!

  14. I'm sure that lovely little violet loves the quilt it is sitting on best!!!

    I love those 4" stars!!!! What beauties!!! And your hexies!!! Beautiful!! I'm loving that list!! Don't forget GMISD (gonna make it some day!!!

    Have a great day!!

  15. Stars and hexagons, love them both. That Jo Morton project is going to look gorgeous. Another one to put on my list. Thanks for the abbreviations, our group will get a laugh out of those.

  16. Hi Maureen, there is one that you forgot that we use quite a lot in my sewing groups... Phd ... Projects half done! I love your 4" stars too!