Saturday, October 27, 2012

Flying Geese

I’ve been making flying geese (FG) every chance I get. I thought I had enough and starting sewing them together for the sashing on my 4” stars. With Jo Morton’s method you get four of the same FG unit with each set of squares. She suggested separating them into four piles and using a pile of FG for each quadrant of the quilt. It’s an easy way to vary your geese. I finished sewing together one pile of FG and counted to see if I had enough. No. I redid my math and realized I need 192 more geese! It's back to the cutting mat.

I’ve been hand quilting in the afternoons. It is amazing to me how quickly it goes just by doing a little each day. I’m about a quarter of the way done with this quilt. You may not remember I took out some of the hand quilting because the back was puckering. It started to happen again and I was determined not to have to pick out any more stitching. I super basted that one section using bits of leftover thread on the needles in my needle case, hand quilted it and I’m happy with the result. I also found the direction I quilted in made a big difference. Next time I have a hand quilting project I will do a better job of basting.

Many of us on the east coast of the U.S. are expecting a wicked storm early next week. The pantry is stocked, gutters will be cleared and things on the porch contained today. Let’s hope it packs less of a punch than expected.

Here are a few dog pics. You can tell I'd rather be stitching than doing yard work.
Penny just turned 15 years old. If you are holding a camera, she will NOT look at you. I think it is because she doesn't like the flash.


  1. Those flying geese are beautiful! Love the fabric and colors--I enlarged the photo and I recognize a lot of those prints from my stash!
    Your hand quilting is very nice. Do you not put your piece in any hoop or frame when you quilt? That is the only way I can keep the back from having problems. When my youngest son played high school basketball I would sometimes see other mothers with quilts in their laps, quilting them with no frame of hoop. I tried it with a few small things and always ran into problems, but I guess it is just me. I need more than two hands to do the job. : )

  2. Your flying geese look lovely. I'm working on a quilt that requires several hundred as well so I feel your pain. I do like the idea of sorting them into piles before they are all sewn together to get a good distribution of the colours. Guess that means that they all have to be sewn together first...:).

  3. look at that tempting assortment of flying geese units~!!~
    sounds like you need to make quite a few more but keep going because this is going to be awesome~!!~

    i really like the backing fabric that you are useing on the hand quilted piece. can i ask how closely you normally baste? i always baste the crap out of my quilts (partly because i don't use a hoop to quilt) but am beginning to wonder if i could get by with less . . . mine is usually 3 to 4 inches in spacing.

    your yard looks so fabulously "fall"~! we don't have enough trees in our yard to produce this lovely effect. i know that most people don't want to have them due to having to keep them raked up at a certain point but they sure do look like a beautiful blanket of color in this shot~!

    i hope that you stay safe and sound during the upcoming storm. i've been seeing bits about it on the news and i'm really glad that we don't live in it's path. maybe it will lose some of it's strength before it gets to you. at any rate take good care and hopefully you'll be able to use the time to get lots of cozy stitching/quilting done.


  4. Your hand quilting is looking really good! Yay! And I sure hope your neighborhood doesn't get flooded again!

  5. Penny looks like my old girl Roxy ;-)
    That is a lot of FG to go, but divided by 4 not too bad - and sooo worth the effort.
    Love your hand quilting - beautiful work.
    I'll be thinking of you as I hear the news of the storm...stay safe, good you are prepared.

  6. There's something about flying geese that wears me out. I love how they look in quilts. I like the unique looks they create, depending on the direction they face, how they relate to each other. But making them wears me out. Of course making them gradually, a few at a time makes the most sense. They'll be a lovely finish.
    Stay safe, my quilting friend - stay safe.

  7. Your hand quilting is looking wonderful. You are so right about doing a little day, that is the way to go.
    I was working with flying geese yesterday. I love them - but 192 more, yikes!
    good luck with Sandy

  8. 192 more...yikes! You can do it! Stay safe next week.

  9. your stars and flying geese are precious and a labor of love! i adore little blocks and quilts made with tiny pieces.
    Your hand quilting is beautiful!

  10. Hope you and your family are safe and sound. Thinking of you, and sending positive thoughts your way. Love all your projects! Take care, Dixie