Thursday, February 14, 2013

Morningstar Complete!

I finished the binding on this morningstar quilt Monday and here it is being photographed for the quilt show CD. It's 32" square. These star block sat in a box for 10 years so it's good to finally have them in a finished quilt.

I'm now finishing up my quilt show team block swap. I traced cables from a Gwen Marston book of Amish quilting patterns and quilted over the paper. There's probably a better way to do this.
I'm happy with the result. Now I'm quilting the individual blocks. 

I've added to my low volume hsts.
And I hope to baste a little quilt today and start hand quilting it. Now that my finger has a nice callus on it I want to keep going!

This time of year always seems to necessitate the writing of get well wishes and sympathy cards. I like to write my own and this book helps me do it. Even if I don't open it, I have it by me while I write. Love the cover art.
No sooner do I get a quilt done for one grand niece and another is born. Now planning one for little Abigail Lucille who was born yesterday. What a pretty name.


  1. WOW, Maureen, you're on a roll ! ;>)
    Your stars quilt is absolutely gorgeous, dear. Good thing that you brought it to life after 10 years, this prooves that it's never too late.
    Keep going, dear !
    Smiles from my little corner,

  2. Oh My, Maureen!! You have been one busy little stitcher!!!! And the star quilt - know me and stars!! The prettiest quilt in blog land!!!!

    How fun to have all those little ones!! You will make heirlooms for sure!!


  3. Morningstar looks wonderful. Love the colours and the quilting really stands out. What was the pattern around the stars, scallops?
    You have done so much. I'll just sit back and admire your work.

  4. What a beautiful little star quilt, Maureen! Excellent work.
    Was the paper hard to remove after quilting? Did you buy a paper specifically made for this process? I've seen others do it, but I've never tried it myself. Curious how it works.

  5. Morningstar is a success in both the piecing and the quilting! Be proud! It looks like tracing paper. and you just quilted right through the paper? Neat!

  6. What beautiful projects. I love the feeling of finishing things up!

  7. Maureen your Star Quilt is beautiful. It was well worth the 10 year wait. Your cable quilting turned out so good. I'm going to have to try that. Hugs

  8. Finally after 10 years these blocks are about to get a lot of exposure lOL!!! Just to make up for the fact they lay in a dark place for so long, they can now shine!!!! It's a great finish and looks wonderful!!!

  9. A gorgeous Morningstar quilt! I'm intrigued by your machine quilting on the paper... looks like a great method to try. You've been busy multi tasking with projects! How fun!

  10. What a lovely finish! Funny how we let some projects sit for such a long time.

  11. Morningstar is lovely - what a great finish! Congratulations on pulling it out of it's box and getting to it!! I've never tried quilting on paper either.. it would save having to figure out how to transfer the design to the quilt for quilting. I agree - your latest grand niece has a beautiful name :-)

  12. You finished it! Yaaaaay!! Nice job, too!
    The low volume thing is looking good also, AND congrats on the new family member! Oh darn I guess you'll have to make another quilt : )

  13. Your morningstar quilt is beautiful! Totally fantastic! When I finish up hand quilting a quilt I like to dive right into the next one too so I don't lose the callus on my finger.:)

  14. The morning star quilt is fantastic.


  15. The stars are lovely, especially the happy and bright. Nice quilting, too.

  16. Some great progress there Maureen! The star quilt is beautiful finished and your quilted cable looks great. I like the way you quilted over the paper - saves all the worry over markers doesn't it? I've never seen pins like those before - with the plastic backs - does it make it easier to pin?

  17. A finish is ALWAYS a good thing, even if it did take ten years! (i have one of those quilts too) Your stars are lovely!

    You are quite busy over here!!!

  18. Morningstar is fabulous! All those little HSTs in the border are the perfect finish on the star blocks. Love the solid color scheme...simply yummy!

  19. that is a lovely girl name!
    Your star quilt looks smashing! How wonderful to have it finished.
    I too am a big note writer. I'll have to look for this little book.

  20. Beautiful quilt, and I think it is extra special because it seasoned a bit before finishing.
    I think the cable is fantastic, way to go!
    The heap of HST's looks inviting - how fun.
    What a sweet little girl's name - enjoy making her quilt.
    Great post - thank you for sharing ;-)

  21. your Morningstar is absolutely gorgeous Maureen~!!~congrats on the finish~!

    i feel a bit teased with your block swap photos and can hardly wait to see shots of the finished piece . . . the quilting looks wonderful and the paper seems to have worked well. i don't really know much about machine quilting but in my opinion, it it works for you, then you should do it.

    i agree; Abigail Lucille is a sweet name. have you picked a pattern? colors? will you be piecing her name onto her quilt like you did with Ella's?
    do i ask too many questions or what~!?!~