Sunday, February 10, 2013

Slow Sunday Stitching

I'm linking up with Kathy's Quilts today. I expect to finish quilting this today. I have to admit the closer I get to finishing the faster I go! My favorite betweens are Piecemakers size 12. I've tried others and they always break or bend on me. These bend but not to the extent that I can't keep on stitching.

Thanks to Doniene for the encouraging emails. We both wanted to do more hand quilting so we emailed updates to each other. It really helped.

 I pull the thread through with the pliers. Helps keep my hand from getting tired.

This is the quilt I made for my grandniece, Ella. I used the 'Lil Twister ruler. My sister saw it and said it look like a difficult pattern to make. Hee, hee!

By the way, the sauerkraut I made turned out well. I can't eat it because it has too much garlic in it, so much that you can smell it when you just open the refrigerator door. My son's been eating it up.

Hope everyone in the northeast has shoveled their way out - or maybe not - stay in and stitch! Happy day!


  1. Love love love this pink & grey, my favorites colours.

  2. Love the twister quilt. Great colors. Interesting pattern.

  3. Loved the photos of you hand quilting!
    Great idea to have a little bowl beside you for your tools.
    What kind of thimble are you wearing? I haven't seen it before.
    Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!

  4. LOVE your hand quilting project!! And the Twister is darling - the pink and grays play very nice together!

  5. Love the picture of your hand quilting. Great job on finishing it up today. Looks like a pretty quilt.

  6. I also loved seeing the picture of you hand-quilting. Your quilts are gorgeous!

  7. Your quilting is beautiful, Maureen! And're nearly done! Awesome!

  8. Well done on the quilting Maureen. Every stitch takes you a stitch nearer. The Twister Quilt looks great.

  9. Nice to have a cheerleader to help you stay on task, and that sweetheart Doniene would be a good one.
    It is a lovely quilt--how fun to get it finished up.
    As to the Twister being a hard pattern, you don't have to tell. : )

  10. Gold star for you for perseverence. You quilting looks great to me and love that Twister.

  11. I can't wait to see your finished quilt. I too love to hand quilt. Hugs

  12. Your hand quilting looks very effective. Great looking project. Love the colours in Ella's quilt it looks gorgeous.

  13. The hand quilting looks so pretty. I used to hand quilt all my pieces but not much any more.

    I love sauerkraut and pork cooked together. And it does stink up the house and the fridge if left overs are stored.

  14. So nice to spend time handquilting, the piece you are working on looks just wonderful!!! Ella's quilt turned out well to, beautiful colours for a young girl. Glad your sauerkraut turned out well, I bet it's just delicious, even with the garlic!!!!

  15. Maureen, the hand quilting looks wonderful!! Alas, mine is much further behind - though I plan to get some in today. No machine stitching today - I needed a break! Your twister quilt is so, so cute!! We have such similar tastes and I love all your quilts!!

    Have a blessed, joyful evening!

  16. Wonderful hand quilting Maureen. Such a gentle past time on a quiet February afternoon.

  17. The hand quilting is looking fabulous Maureen - love the clamshell design on the cream. And thanks for showing the close ups of your technique - seems to be working a treat! Ella's quilt is very pretty in the soft colours you chose.

  18. Very lovely stitching! My favorite betweens are Piecemakers too. Excellent needles.

  19. I've never tried pliers, but I do use a rubber finger too.
    Size 12~ good for you - so small!
    your twister is so cute, love the grey and pink combination.

  20. Thanks for the tip on pliers! Ella's quilt is just adorable...cannot decide which side I like best. I just know I love the pinks and grey together.

  21. Hello Maureen,
    Loving your lovely projects!

    I found my way to you via Joanna's blog :)
    She's joining us in the Block a Day challenge. You mentioned having a look at it yourself.
    You are most welcome to join us if you feel it's something you can do.
    Pop on over anyway and say 'hi' :)
    kind regards,
    Robyn xx

  22. I love your twister - a beautiful baby gift. I love how you have put Ella's name on the back! Your hand quilting is lovely, too; a skill I haven't mastered so I doubly admire yours!

  23. your stitching is beautiful~!!~ and wow~! a size 12 needle. you are a master quilter Maureen~!
    i like to use the big eyed John James (size 10) needles when i quilt and my stitches are nowhere near as lovely as yours.

    i followed your link to Kathy's Quilts and had fun reading a few posts. i think i will make it a goal to post and link to the slow sunday stitching linky party. it's always good to 'mingle' with other slow stitchers. (-;

    the pinks and greys that you used for Ella's quilt are so pretty and i like the idea of piecing the name onto the quilt. what a pleasure it will be for her to snuggle in and what a beautiful keepsake it is going to become.