Friday, March 15, 2013

2013 AQS Lancaster Show

I was on a bus trip to the Lancaster show yesterday. I had a wonderful time with my friend Lesa. We hit traffic on the way up so we had less than 4 hours to do the show. We zipped around crowded aisles to see all the quilts and then hit the vendors. Regan and I met up for a few minutes before my bus left for Intercourse. She and her friends, Pat and Betty, are really doing it right. Ten days in Lancaster - plenty of time to see the show and enjoy the area shops and culture - if you are the energizer bunny! Just one day was enough for me. Wait till you hear how much fabric they've bought between the three of them. I told my husband about their adventures and said "consider yourself lucky". ; c ) Let's just say he converted the amount of fabric from yards to the length of a football field! I'm not sayin' how many! You go girls! Will the number go up?!?

We saw a lot of lovely and awe inspiring quilts. I can't show photos of quilts, it's against AQS rules, but I hope it is okay if I just share this blurry part of one quilt. It was made of Kaffe Fassett fabrics and 30 plus year old calicoes. I loved the combination. A great way to extend expensive fabrics from today with the old stash. Here are a couple more blurry photos. This area of the show was a bit dark.

I bought the end of the bolt, almost 4 yards, of this Judie Rothermel fabric at The Old Country Store. They also do online sales. I may use it as a wide sashing for these blocks. I started these blocks out of my precut strips with the thought of a quilt for my new grand niece, Abby. I've kind of changed my mind about that, thinking I'd rather use brighter fabrics and maybe a Jacobs Ladder block. I was influenced by the quilt I saw in the antique store I shared a couple of posts back.

I'm enjoying the hunt for fabric I can fussy cut for these hexagons. The three top fabrics are the same design from Barbara Brackman's Metropolitan Fair. I just love these little florals and I absolutely adore the green colorway.

These two fabrics were from Zook's. No designer and less than $6 a yard. I thought they would be great in scrap quilts.

It's always hard not to pick up at least one "just because" fabric. For some reason I always need reds.

And as you see I also hit the Paper Pieces booth at the show. They were very helpful.

It was a fun filled day. It felt good to crawl into bed last night. The weather predicted for tomorrow is cold and rainy. Sounds like a good day to stitch in celebration of National Quilting Day. Yes, to my non-quilting friends who read my blog, the quilting powers that be say it is so.
 ; c )   Happy National Quilting Day!


  1. I wonder if Regan will 'fess up on her blog about her yardage purchased. : )
    Looks like you had a grand day. I do like your purchases. Yes, there definitely always needs to be a piece "just because"!!

  2. What a shame about the traffic jam. Are you sure it wasn't arranged by your DH so you had less time to spend.
    Love what you bought and hoping Regan does a show and tell on her return.

  3. the calico and Kaffe quilt is very interesting and i wonder what he would have to say about it~!?!~

    it looks like you had a fun day despite the delay and it's always nice to be able to spend time with a friend.
    love all of the fabrics you chose but the one that really got my attention was the stripe in with the Barbara Brackman's fabrics. i may have to look for that one myself.

    glad that you will have a day to rest and sew tomorrow. rainy days are perfect for that~!


  4. It must be a man thing because my husband converts things in a similar way. He once calculated how many pounds of cheese a colleague had used in a year of taking the same thing on his lunch sandwiches!!

    Looks like you have some nice spoils there from your trip. I am not such a purist and see nothing wrong with adding civil war with kaffe if that is what you want. It is all fabric and fair game if it works. You look like you are going to be very busy with all those paper pieces.

  5. Glad you had both fun and some retail therapy! Enjoy your sewing day.

  6. Such wonderful goodies. Love it all. Hugs

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful day out in Lancaster country!! Lucky, lucky you!!! It has been a long held dream to visit such a place, I would be in heaven I think!!!!!

  8. Talk about fabric and quilt show envy....!!! How neat that you could get there but too bad about the traffic. One of these years....

  9. Looks like great fun! A long day but so worth it. Nice you got to see Regan again, their trip sounds like great fun too. I enjoyed seeing your purchases.

  10. Glad you had a great time.
    I was there on Friday and it was a good show.
    I was going to share photos - didn't realize it was a no no.

  11. OMG Maureen! It never occurred to me to convert yardage to football fields! Holy Cow! We picked up 2 fields with at least a couple of end zones! LOL What a hoot! I'm so glad you found so many nice things....I love those blocks on that Judie print! :o)

  12. sounds like you had a great time. One of these years I'm going to make it to the show.

  13. Ahhhh, Lancaster, quilter's Mecca! It sounds like you had the best of both extremes, you did get to go rather than not at all, AND you shopped modestly, too. It is very hard to not get overwhelmed at the big shows to feel more intimidated than inspired, I find. You did great!