Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Pink Lemonade is finished. I have to recant what I said about Mountain Mist Cream Rose batting a couple of posts back. I was having trouble not because of the batting but because glue from the tape I was using as a guide was gumming up the needle. Duh. Now that this little quilt is finished and washed - look how nicely it puckered up - I do like the Cream Rose batting. Best be careful using this batting for a quilt needing to be a specific size. I didn't measure before and after but I expect with so much puckering it shrank some.

I've moved on to hand quilting another little shoofly quilt.

This years challenge for my guild is to finish up as many UFOs as you can by May 28th, our end of year potluck meeting. So far, I've finished up five. I think I can do nine. It won't win for most UFOs completed but that's okay. I'm happy to finish things up.

This is a 'Lil Twister quilt I was working a few months ago. It was my trial run using the 'Lil Twister ruler before making the baby quilt for Ella. It also used up a couple of charm packs that had been sitting around for far too long. I had also machine quilted it as a warm up to doing Ella's quilt and then put it aside before binding it. I usually don't do that. Once the quilting is done, I move right on to the binding. I wasn't so excited about this quilt and wanted to get Ella's quilt to her before the weather warmed up. The binding is finally on and I can call this one complete, too, so now I'm up to six completed UFOs.
These two are ready for some machine quilting so I think they and the little shoofly I'm hand quilting will bring me up to nine UFOs completed for the year. That's my plan.

Last Saturday afternoon, Dave and I went out to Frying Pan Park, a working farm in our very suburban county. Doesn't she look like a happy goat? I hear goats are quite mischievous.

Look what came in the mail yesterday. It was a surprise to get this bookmark and a letter from my quilting cousin, Mary, in San Diego. She made this on her Bernina Artista 630. 
Thanks again, Mary!

Despite having a bit of snow here earlier this week, signs of spring are all around. The daffodils and periwinkle are blooming and there are shoots of green grass in the yard. The wind chimes on my front porch have continually made their music this month. I'm looking forward to a warmer April.
Happy Easter!


  1. Pink Lemonade turned out beautifully! Doesn't it feel good to get it off the UFO list?
    Looks to me like you are doing well with your guild challenge. I love your shoofly and 9-patch quilts.
    I can't believe that bookmark!

  2. I love Pink Lemonade... especially with the yellow fabric you used! You are definitely on a roll to achieve your goal of finishing nine UFO' s. What a great idea for a group project!

  3. Oh Maureen, Pink lemonade is absolutely wonderful!!! And all your other projects are super!!! You are on a roll!! Way to go!! Glad you figured out the batting - I've never used it, but good to know those things!!


  4. you are over half way to your goal with more than eight weeks until the finish date. that's great progress~!

    your quiling stitches are beautiful to see and your pink lemonade turned out nicely. the other little shoo fly quilt looks pretty sweet too.

    i think your twist and turn 'practice' quilt is really cute. nice bright colors for a baby and that polka dot border is so much fun~!

    love the two quilt tops, especially the one with crumb pieced blocks. will you be doing the machine quilting?

    your bookmark is fabulous. i had fun looking at it in the larger views.

    keep up the good work Maureen.

  5. Well done moving through so many UFOs - anyone finishing up so many deserves a reward! Pink Lemonade is just lovely - and great to see you straight onto the next one! It's nice that spring is happening - the change of seasons is always exciting!

  6. Your pink lemonade quilt is so sweet! Love how it finished up. I can't believe how many ufo's you are getting done too! Great job with meeting your deadline.:)

  7. A lot of beautiful work, I love them all. XXX

  8. Well done Maureen, it all looks most beautiful. If you want a bit of a giggle then go onto YouTube and type in goats yelling like humans. It is so funny.

  9. Well done with all your finishes!!! Pink Lemonade is just lovely, and I love your shoo-fly too!!!! Yes goats can be mischevious, but they are so loveable and as pets behave like dogs in that they follow your around and love being petted!!!!
    The bookmark is quite a work of art, lovely gift!!!!!

  10. Lovely finishes Maureen and a few more almost there. Love your colour combinations as always.

  11. Maureen your Pink Lemonade turned out so beautiful. I think that is going to be my next ufo to finish. Love all your projects. Hugs

  12. Pink Lemonade is fabulous! I'm impressed you even have the label on. Your quilting is beautiful. That is one lucky baby - the twister looks fun, as does the bookmark.
    Goats - very cute but I think a lot of work. Nice to have a setting like that in the 'burbs.
    Thank you for sharing!
    Have a great weekend.

  13. Your Pink lemonade looks wonderful and I too like the puckering. thanks for the update the batting. I've never used that one.
    Love your nine patch quilt!
    Fun quilts to look forward to quilting.
    How nice of your cousin to send that pretty bookmark.
    Happy Easter and come on spring!

  14. You've got some great projects! Love Pink lemonade and how it looks vintage and ready for springtime!!
    The goat is pretty cute too:)

  15. Everything looks great! Love the Pink Lemonade! And it's even labeled - good for you!

    Love the idea of a UFO Challenge! It looks like you're on track for a good finish. How's the quilting going? I love your Twister quilt - what happy colors! And I especially love that polka dot border. And I love both the 9-patch top AND the Crumb blocks top.

    That goat looks pretty smug! Isn't it fun to visit the farm animals?

  16. Have enjoyed looking round your blog and seeing all your gorgeous quilts. I just made my first ever quilt before Christmas and seeing what you others do is inspirational. Will be back. xCathy

  17. I love how your Pink Lemonade turned out! It looks so pretty in your garden :0) I look forward to seeing the other Shoofly quilt when it is quilted!

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