Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wall of Little Quilts

I finally have a wall of little quilts. I was helping a friend paint an old vanity last week and was a bit humbled by how neat and tidy her house is. I came home and did some clean up in my sewing room. These were all piled on the futon so I got a hammer and some small applique pins and started putting them up from left to right. I had no plan - just picked up the flower applique first and went from there. I don't think I ever publicly thanked Beatrice for the quilt that is right of center with the black border. It was so sweet of her to send me a quilt and it is even hand quilted.

Yesterday, Dave came home from work with this vintage sewing machine. Some people in the neighborhood are moving and he saw them put this is a pile of trash on the curb. It's missing some important parts - a foot peddle and bobbin case to name a couple, but it is a pretty green color. He's given me a hard time about pulling things out of other people's trash so I was a little surprised that he did this. I think he enjoyed getting my mom's old machine working so I think he sees it as a challenge. I'll get a better photo if/when we ever get her running.

I also got motivated to start painting my china cabinet and a small book case. I got tired of looking at these dark pieces of furniture with my newly painted table and chairs. I'm not sure why I always have to plan things to death instead of just jumping in. Same goes with this 9-patch quilt. It's just getting some straight line quilting. Hope to have both these projects done by the end of next week.

I'm always surprised to see this little primrose blooming in our back yard. It is very close to the house which is how it escapes Duke's big paws.

We are having some beautiful spring weather here. We planted some flower and vegetable seeds over the weekend and then had two days of light rain. Keeping our fingers crossed that we see some little sprouts soon. Oh, and we had some freshly picked lettuce and spinach with our dinner the other night. So far, we are having some luck in the garden!

Happy stitching!


  1. LOVE your wall of little quilts~!
    it must be fun for you to be able to see them all together like that.
    I currently have a wall of small/doll quilts in both my living room and my bedroom . . . could be that i'm running out of room(s) . . . nah.

    yea for fresh picked salad and planting seeds and rain falling immediately after~! you WILL see sprouts very soon~!

    had to smile when I read your comment about "planning things to death" as i have been known to do that too.

    hope that you had a happy may day Maureen.

  2. Your wall of little quilts looks wonderful. What a great way to warm up a wall. I LOVE your new vintage sewing machine! How nice of Dave to think to pick it up for you. Love the primrose, too!

  3. Lovely display of little quilts, Maureen! Doesn't it just make you smile?
    The only things growing in my garden right now are the perennial herbs and the garlic I planted last year. Lettuce and spinach sounds so much better--fresh salad. Yummm!

  4. oh what fun I love seeing little quilts hanging on the wall! bet you enjoy it ever time you walk into the room.
    can't wait to hear Dave got your new machine going! made me smile he picked it up for you!

  5. Your wall of quilts looks wonderful! what great inspiration and eye candy.
    Love the old sewing machine. I've never heard of the brand.
    I have a yellow primrose the same color, it's such a sweet little plant.
    Glad you are having nice weather!

  6. Your wall of small quilts is perfect!
    Happy your are enjoying a lovely spring! I am anxious to get to CO and plant my vegetables in the greenhouse.

  7. Love your wall of quilts and I bet Dave will get that machine up and running In no time. Keep him quiet for a bit whilst you get on with your plans. Temperature here is just perfect. Heaving a sigh of relief after 12 months of rain.

  8. It looks like the perfect wall to show of your small quilts... and there's room for more! So nice to see your blooming primrose... it's snowing here in central Iowa... 1 to 3 inches expected! Good thing I didn't make a trip to my favorite local greenhouse this past weekend!

  9. Your wall of little quilts looks lovely and I hope hubby gets your machine up and running for you.

    Our primroses are just about going over now but I love them .

  10. Lovely wall of quilts - so nice to display them where you can see them daily isn't it? I do love primroses - such a cheerful little plant - especially so in yellow!

  11. What a fabulous old sewing machine, better for it to live at your house, than sit by the side of the road LOL!!!! Even if you have it as an ornament on a shelf in your sewing room, it'll be worth it!!! Love the colour and lines of these old machines!!!
    Just love your wall of little quilts, I really should do something like that too, I have a small pile of them on the spare bed in the guest room and try to rotate them with those already out on small hangers, but I do love the effect of them on the wall, just wonderful!!! Look forward to seeing your 9-patch quilt completed soon!!!!
    The primrose is beautiful, lovely to see them at the beginning of the new season!!!

  12. Fresh greens from the garden - YUM!!
    Your wall of quilts is wonderful. I like the green color of the machine, it looks like a nice size too.
    Love your paint projects.
    The nine patch will be fabulous with straight lines - enjoy!

  13. Your display of quilts looks attractive and inspiring. Love the flowers surrounded by the colourful checkerboard pattern. Inspired to try one of those myself one day.

  14. I am too afraid to pull something out of someone's trash but know it is a common practice. You can probably find a foot pedal and bobbin case online. I have ordered parts that way before. Love the green color.

  15. Love your little wall o' quilts, and your mini sewing machine is precious! I still have my orange mini sewing machine I got when I was five - its almost fifty years old! Your husband made a great find. Hope your plants come up soon - best part of gardening is spotting the first tiny shoots!

  16. Your wall of little quilts is wonderful! The vintage sewing machine is the bomb! Hope you can locate the mising parts and get her working again.

  17. Hi Maureen!! First I must apologize! You have several posts that I have missed!!! I guess they just didn't show up on my google reader, plus I've been swamped the last month or so!! I've been thinking about you and wondering how you are! I love this post - your quilts and every thing!