Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What I've been doing...

Spring is always so busy with the addition of outside work. It's been a while since I posted. Dave and I took a 5 day trip down to South Carolina to see his parents. I'm now looking at a stretch of 6 days with nothing on the calendar. Love that! I have a lot of catching up to do with house cleaning and quilting. I still haven't started machine quilting those quilts I mentioned in my last post. I did get the backing stitched for the crumb quilt but I'm not sure how I want to quilt it. So now I want to get started on the 9-patch.
I managed to stitch 3 hexagon flowers on the South Carolina trip. I thought I'd get more done but was getting a little car sick as I stitched. I have 34 completed and not sure how many more I will do - probably at least 16 more. Here they are on my dining room table I painted back in January. My dining room set was my grandmothers and it was looking very worn out. I was ready for something refreshed and brighter. I'm really happy with how it turned out and will reveal all when I finish the other two pieces of furniture in my dining room. Here is a peek at the chairs I just finished up last week.

Here is a little look around our yard-
 grape hyacinths under the maple tree

 silverberry tree in bloom

spinach and lettuce

It's been a while since we planted vegetables. I was feeling a bit guilty about my husband doing all the clearing and planting and then I remember I'll probably be the one weeding when the weather turns hot and humid.

I made this little cushion for my computer chair today. It took less than an hour and I love how it turned out. Why did I wait so long to make this? I painted the chair back in the fall. It annoys me when I keep putting something off that doesn't take long to do.

I'm still putting in a few hand quilting stitches on most evenings. This shoofly is getting more quilting than the last.

This past Monday was our tour of Polyface Farms. We took back roads instead of taking the major highways.
It was another overcast day. This time rain instead of snow. The redbud trees put on a show for us. They were all along highway 340.

Here we are at the farm-

 Farmer, Joel Salatin, gave the tour.

 These hens were quite noisy.

Entering the "eggmobile".

As Joel talked, the cows munched on grass. They moved around a lot. Dave said that must be where the phrase "the grass is always greener on the other side" originated.

 the pigerator

 I can't remember if he called these pullets or poults - they're just chicks to me.

This is the first time I've tried to add a video to a post. Was easy to do - hope I did it right.

 Downtown Staunton Virginia. We had a nice lunch at Cranberry's Grocery and Eatery.

I hope to be back soon with progress on my 9-patch. Hope the weather is good where you are. It's lovely here today.


  1. Your hexagon quilt is coming alone nicely and I have loved seeing your photos of Staunton.
    I remember spending a happy day there 2002 and visiting Rachels Quilt shop.

  2. A nice newsy post Maureen and I love your newly painted chairs and the pretty toile. The video has disappeared but I will come back and try again.

  3. What a great post Maureen!!! I just loved the video, I love their philosophy, it is right up my alley and everything that I believe a sustainable landholding should be!!! Wonderful stuff!!! So nice to see animals treated with respect, to see those wonderful chooks free-ranging, just great!!!! Those guys who spoke really have their heads screwed on right with their approach to their farm practices!!!!!
    Your hexies looks lovely all sitting their on the table, I don't wonder you didn't get much stitching done in the car, I get carsick too, but a lot of ladies seem to get quite a bit done on the road!! I reall enjoyed this post!!!!

  4. Pretty hexies, Maureen... it's going to be a real beauty! My kitchen table came from the home of my maternal grandmother... along with memories of her kitchen, and her famous, bottomless cookie jar! The video worked great... I enjoyed it!

  5. I'm so impressed with your hexies. I've been working on a "flower" at the physical therapist this week. It has only taken me 15 years to get as many flowers finished as you have on your table. I really zip along, don't I? : )
    I'm with you on the gardening thing. Though I love being in my garden, it is one more thing added to an already busy schedule. It just doesn't all fit!
    My grandpa was a chicken farmer--those shots bring back many memories. And a poult is a young hen. : )

  6. Love your hexies!! They could be really addictive. Envious of your gardening all ready - more snow predicted here tonight - it never ends...wish I could help you weed. Come good weather I live outdoors in my gardens and potting shed.

    Show my husband your photos of Staunton - he graduated from SMA in 1962. He remembers your hill photo area and recalls there used to be a barber shop by the hotel when he was in school there. Sad that the school closed years ago...but Staunton is a lovely town though there must be changes since we were last there. Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Your hexagon flowers are beautiful! I can only stitch so long in the car too until I don't feel very good. Love your beautiful hand quilting and the scenic tour of springtime.:)

  8. a great post and I feel like i've been on a ride in the country~!
    i LOVE that shot of the grape hyacinths under your maple ~ your grass is looking much greener than ours. yea spring~!!~
    and soon you will have pickings for a salad~!


  9. Your hexagon flowers are beautiful and I love all your pictures in this post :) XXX

  10. hexies look great, love the color of the painted furniture cant wait to see the whole room!
    what a fun day at the farm!
    don't you love driving on roads like that , I get off the highways whenever I can.
    have fun with your free 6 days!

  11. Love those multiplying hexagons Maureen, and your new chair covers! Thanks for the farm and town photos - all very green and lush - "grass is greener " indeed :)

  12. Hi Maureen, your hexagon and shoofly projects look so pretty. Two different styles and beautiful colours.
    Nature is waking up in your part of the world but going off to sleep in ours. Lovely pics of the farm and so, so green.

  13. Great to catch up with your news Maureen and just love all your WIPs and the tour. Take care.

  14. what fun trip to the farm! thanks for taking us on the tour. I loved the Hens!!
    Both of your chairs/cushions look great!
    Wow - you have a great start on gardening too. You've been busy!

  15. Weather here = several inches of snow! So extra enjoyment of your spring pictures! Love the farm tour and the town of Staunton. Your hex's are so pretty all laid out.
    It wonderful how you painted the dining room set and re-did the seats.
    You get so much done!!

  16. I love the soft colours in your hexagons and the blur toile fabric on your chair.
    I get car sick trying to sew in the car too.
    The grape hyacinths and blossom are pretty.
    Love all the farm photos. Its so green there!!!