Thursday, August 1, 2013

Little 9-patch for Abigail

I'm putting together a quilt for my great niece, Abigail, who is almost 6 months old. I was having fun putting together little 9-patches for my crabapple quilt so I decided to pair some up with hourglass blocks. I've seen quilts at shows and online with hourglass blocks framing an alternate block and was looking forward to doing the same some day so this was a perfect opportunity. I tend to like blocks on point but I like the straight set in this case since the hourglass blocks give the on point effect.

straight set

on point

A straight set is also easier to piece together. My blocks will finish at 3 inches. I'm aiming for a 36" x 51" quilt so I've got a good many more blocks to make.

My DH started working from home this week. This will take some getting used to!


  1. Abigail will love her quilt! My hubby has been retired for almost 5 years and I was petrified, at first. He has adjusted and stopped asking me what I was doing each day within just weeks. The key is they have to find their own play groups...LOL! Good luck!

  2. I have always wanted to try this combination of blocks--looks like fun. Your blocks are much smaller than I had imagined. Very cute. I like the straight set with this combination, too.

  3. love the hourglass and nine patch blocks together~!
    small quilt blocks but BIG impact~!!

    as for hubby at home full time . . . i'm a little concerned about how it's going to go when mine retires . . . you'll have to give me some tips so i can survive it too. lol


  4. Lovely blocks - but sooo small! It will be absolutely beautiful - I do like the look of little blocks and these colours are great. Lucky Abigail!

  5. Oh, Maureen, you know that next to stars, nine patches are my favorite!!! And this little quilt is just perfect!!! I love the hourglass setting!! Abigail will treasure it always!!

    Always a "shock" to our schedules when hubby's schedules change!! I remember those days!!

    Hugs and Blessings

  6. Very sweet! I do love the look of the hourglass blocks and the 9-patch. Very classic, but lovely. It really is something to get used to when the DH starts working from home or is in and out more. Good luck with it all.:)

  7. This is so lovely, love both layouts, but I think I prefer the straight set!!! What a delightful little quilt for a little girl!!!!

  8. I like them both but maybe a little more partial to the straight set. My husband retired recently and we are still readjusting.

  9. I like them both...what a lucky little girl.
    I know what you mean about the working from home thing...

  10. I have quite a few blue & tan hourglass blocks leftover from another project and have been looking for a way to use them - I quite like your idea and might have to borrow it! Lovely with either setting.