Thursday, August 29, 2013

Summer Swap

You may have heard that Janet of Rogue Quilter and I swapped blocks this summer. It was an absolute pleasure and I can't wait to swap blocks with her again. During each of the summer months - June, July and August - we each made eight - 6 1/2" churn dash blocks. Each block had a twin. One we kept and the other was sent for the exchange. It was so much fun waiting to see what Janet had put together. Here is what I plan to do with my blocks-

I need to make at least one more block and will probably make six more for a 5 x 6 setting. The setting squares are not solid but this Judie Rothermel fabric - Pine Tree Lodge-

I took most these photos yesterday and it was raining or overcast all day long. Today, the sun keeps peaking out. I'd give the photography another try, but to tell you the truth the floor wasn't all that clean yesterday and I haven't gotten around to cleaning it! You try keeping floors clean with three dogs during a rainy stretch. ; c )

With the last swap we had a fabric repeat. What are the chances of that?!?!

Here are the goodies Janet sent along each month. Her home made soap smells divine! I'm so excited about getting one of her pineapple ornaments. Truly tiny! And I love my new pin cushion. I don't know how she got it stuffed so tightly and no evidence of where she stitched it up after filling it. It's already been put to use!

Here are some other treats that have come my way this month-

from Doniene of Now it's just quilts!

 from Meriyln of Quilt Minstrel

Thanks you all! - it is always fun to get quilty things in the mail!!!!

I have made some progress on Abigail's quilt (see my previous post) and hope to have it finished next week. I've also been making hexie flowers and thinking about the applique border I will have to tackle when I finish the hexie flowers. Believe it or not, I often make bed size quilts with no particular bed in mind. No surprise that they never exactly fit any bed in my house! This time I will check and recheck to make sure this hexie quilt fits our queen bed. Or maybe I'll make it fit the double bed that will be in the guest room in my dream farmhouse - see my problem? I still have plenty of stitching to do before I make the final decision.

I finally started stitching flowers together and can imagine the skill it will take to stitch multiples together. Yikes!

These amaryllis belladonna flowers pop up in our backyard every summer. 

This weekend is Labor Day here in the states. Our only plans are to go to crab night at our community pool. I'm already seeing signs of fall. I'm ready for cool breezes, softer hues of nature and the crunch of leaves beneath my feet. Love the change of seasons!

So long for now! Off to clean some floors!


  1. The fabric you are going to use for the setting of the churn dash blocks is just perfect. What a neat trade you and Janet have done.

  2. How FUN!! Now I have some serious churn dash envy---and pincushion envy---:D

  3. What a wonderful blue you used in your churn dash, but I really love your hexie quilt! I need to try this again, I got bored the first time, I think it might have been my fabric choices.

  4. I love the blue you are using to set your blocks. Your quilt is going to look beautiful!
    You have had some fun mail. What a wonderful star quilt from Doniene!
    Your hexie quilt is gorgeous! That is going to be a treasure! Like Carla, I grew tired of my project and I think the fabrics played a large part in that. Wish mine looked like yours!

  5. I LOVE your and Janet's exchange blocks!! What fun treasures all around!!


  6. those blocks are wonderful and you are going to have a finished project full of fun memories~!
    and the goodies~!!~ lucky you, there were some happy mail days for you just lately.
    that quilt that Doniene sent is wonderful~!

    beautiful amaryllis. i'm not sure i could grow those in my climate but i'll have to google them and see.

    you are coming along nicely on your hexie quilt and i do love that background fabric. mine is going to get a few more stitches and then i'm going to have to put it away and start getting projects finished for the holidays and surrounding events. no wonder it's not progressing very quickly~!

    have a fun labor day weekend.

  7. What a fun swap with Janet, its neat to see what you are doing with them :-) Love all your gifty things - lucky you, they are lovely; sweet Doniene with her stars. Your hexies look great - love the colours you are using - I'm a bit like that too, make the quilt first and decide where it is to go later on!

  8. The Churn Dash Quilt and the hexas looks fantastic.

    Have a nice weekend, Manuela

  9. What a great idea to exchange blocks! Oh, those hexies look wonderful. I have not tried to sew the flowers together yet...yikes...pass on any tips you have. Have a fun and safe weekend.

  10. I love everything in this post! The fabric you have selected to use with your churn dash blocks is the perfect choice! What a fun time you and Janet have had with this exchange... and great fabric minds think alike! Hexie fever continues to ride high... love what you are making! Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

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  12. Love what you have done with your churn dash blocks. I popped over to Janet's blog and liked her results too.
    A very successful swap. Your hexagons will be stunning. Just enjoy the process and marvel at the beauty as it grows under your care.

  13. Just love those hexie blocks!!!!! This will be a gorgeous quilt!!! They are a lot of handstitching work especially as the pieces get larger/bulkier, but the results.......
    Your churn dash layout is lovely, what a great choice of fabric for the setting squares, it really works!!!!! You have received some lovely gifties lately, well done!!!!

  14. I just saw your swap blocks on Janets blog. They are so great. I love swaps. The setting fabric you chose looks awesome, what a great print. Aren't janets soaps wonderful? I too am lucky enough to have one of her pineapple ornaments.
    Abigails quilt looks great. When I did my flower garden, I did it in rows first to minimize the overall bulk.
    Lucky you, you've had some really fun mail.

  15. Sweet swap blocks, love the added treasures too.
    I enjoyed seeing your dog by the quilt top. Great setting fabric.
    Your hex's are coming along.
    Hope you had a great holiday weekend.

  16. Love your swapped churn dash blocks! I'm so envious! And I really like the Judy R. fabric for your alternate blocks. Great color. Isn't it fun to get such fun mail? Lucky you, you've gotten a lot lately!

  17. Your churn dash blocks look amazing with that fabric! Looks like a fun swap all the way around. I'm drooling over your hexies flowers too. What a wonderful looking group of blocks!