Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snowed In and Stitchin!

We are well and truly snowed in. It is now sleeting for good measure. If only I wasn't dealing with a geriatric cockapoo who had to do her business at 3 o'clock this morning. I ended up having to dash inside and upstairs to get my snow boots to rescue her as she kept going farther into the snow despite it being as tall as she is. She actually seemed a bit peeved when I picked her up out of the snow!

Awake and knowing my oldest son was probably out at work delivering The Washington Post there was no hope I was going back to sleep. I decided to enjoy the peace and quiet with a cup of tea. My son called at 7AM saying he had gotten his papers and started his route but got stuck on the first street. He dug himself out and went home to his apartment. I wish his customers knew he gave it his best effort.

This is what I'll be working on today. My tutorial on how to use Gyleen Fitzgerald's Pineapple Ruler is my most popular post. I decided it was time to get these blocks out and at least finish the top. Nancy, who teaches at Jinny Beyer Studio, just shared her completed scrappy pineapple quilt at our guild meeting. She used a Jinny Beyer border fabric to finish hers off and it looked great. Isn't imitation the sincerest form of flattery?


  1. That's one gorgeous pineapple quilt-to-be! As someone who delivered papers when I was young, in South Dakota, I can totally sympathize with your son.

  2. Sorry, but I giggled at the dog story. I'm sure it wouldn't have been funny had I been the one out at 3 a.m.
    When we have bad storms I always wonder why people seem to think life should go on as normal, and put so many people at risk. I applaud those who show wisdom and choose to take the travel advisories and stay home. Good for your son!
    I have always wanted to make a scrappy pineapple quilt, but somehow I got stuck on the pineapple ornaments and never moved forward. : ) This is wonderful, Maureen!!

  3. I empathize with the old doggie in the snow. Sweet. They so depend on us.
    I would guess if your son finished the papers they wouldn't be found until the thaw anyway. I'm sure I have three or more buried in the snow at the end of my drive.
    LOVE the pineapple quilt. Enjoy a quiet snow day!

  4. Your pineapple quilt is going to be spectacular! I've always loved that block.....and I think I have a stack of paper pieced ones in a box somewhere! lol I'm dreading taking off the papers. Thanks for all the links to the ruler method. Looks awesome! And I'm so glad your son decided to head home. Always better to be safe!

  5. Wow, that is a lot of snow! Call me crazy but I'm a bit jealous... Cute doggie story... it's stories like yours that make me happy I have a lazy indoor cat for a pet!
    I think your son did the smart thing by going home!
    And now to your pineapple quilt... it's spectacular! I love how colorful it is!

  6. a snowed in day translates to extra stitching time. i LOVE your pineapple quilt and really should just buy myself a ruler and instructions and tackle that scrap basket yet again~!
    you inspire me~!


  7. I can relate to much of your post. I used to help our son with his paper route when the snow was deep or the wind chill was dangerous, and our poor little dog didn't understand the problem with wandering when he got old and the snow got deep. Momma to the rescue as needed :)
    Hopefully your digging out won't be too bad, but I'm sure you're enjoying the stitching time you have. We make the best of our time, don't we?

  8. Oh my, I just can't believe how many of us are totally snowed in! be safe and stay in.
    I used Gyleens ruler to make my pineapple quilt - yours is looking great!

  9. Ignoring the drawbacks, the snow encourages staying inside and enjoying some sewing. Your blocks look fabulous all together.

  10. Hello Maureen. I am visiting from Jan's blog at Sew and Sow Farm. Awesome pineapples you have growing there :-)

  11. I can't believe how much snow you've got!
    I'm in the UK and we've got rain instead - in fact large areas of the country are underwater!
    I'm visiting from sew and sow farm!

  12. Wow Maureen, How I missed this post, I will never know!!! Wow, you did have the snow. Hope it is melted by now!!

    Your Pineapple quilt is gorgeous!! Great job - and yes imitation is the best flattery!!

    Blessings and hugs!

  13. HI! Maureen, I am a new follower and just love your pineapple quilt so colourful. Wow you were really snowed in but nice and cozy to sew away with a lovely warm quilt on your knee.