Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Bit of Farm Life

  the barn early Sunday morning

our two Katahdin lambs

The lambs have been tasked with eating the grass in our pasture so we don't have to pay to get it cut. A tall order for two little lambs. We'd like to get a donkey to help them out. First we need a truck to move the donkey. Our list of things to do is long with this having to happen before that...

We also have six Silver Appleyard ducks. They are growing at a very rapid pace. They are seven weeks old now.

Here is a pic when they were about two weeks old -

We just started letting the dogs near them without strict supervision. So far, so good.

My DH, DD and self have been working very hard since we moved almost two months ago - my, how time flies! DH has been especially busy - keeping up with his job (he works from home) and doing so many of the things that need to be done on the farm. DD and I help but so much of the heavy lifting is left for him. Here he is using a broad fork to get the bamboo out of the flower bed. Seems we are destined to remove bamboo (which is highly invasive in Virginia) and old wallpaper from every house we move in to!
DD didn't let any grass grow under her feet - she planted not just one but two vegetable gardens. Didn't get a good photo. We've been enjoying lettuce and radishes and a few baby turnips. We are looking forward to tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, lots of herbs, melons, various squashes, parsnips, and I'm sure there is more I'm forgetting to mention.

The house needs a lot of work and one of the things we need to do is move the washer and dryer since the dryer doesn't vent properly in it's current location. Hence, clothes on the line.

This is just a small section of the pasture. I love this big, old oak tree casting shade.

Staunton has some great used book and antique stores. I found this cute 285K one afternoon when I was out and about. I later read poor reviews on it so we'll see how I like it once it gets a new belt and a tune-up. I got this table for my featherweight at the Quilters Unlimited Quilt Show earlier this month. It was worth the 2 1/2 hour drive back to northern Virginia to see the show. When I saw the vendor who carries these tables I remembered promising myself last year that I would get one if I ever had room for it. Now I have room.

A few more pics-

We've been adopted by the neighborhood cat. I paid her scant attention until she wouldn't leave me alone one day. She was ready to give birth to kittens and she insisted I be with her for support! It was pretty awesome. In addition to the grey and white and calico is the tortoiseshell hiding behind the grey and white. The neighbor wants the grey and white and we are still figuring out what to do with the other two. We may keep them. The momma is also a tortoiseshell and a very good mouser.

I'm still figuring out how to set up my sewing room. I feel a bit out of sync because of this. I think my problem is dealing with builtins in the closet that aren't working for me. They may need to come out. I recently did a little stitching on the featherweight - making low volume half square triangles. And I did a little hand piecing of hexagons out by the barn the other day while the ducks went swimming. I plan to get back to normal and make stitching part of every day. I'm always happier when I do.

Thanks for reading and putting up with my long absence.


  1. Maureen, how fabulous to see your post!!! I LOVE that old barn! The lambs, ducks and kittens are adorable - how fun! I'm so very glad that you are living your dream! Can't wait to see your sewing projects and more updates from the farm!

    Blessings and hugs!

  2. So happy for you! I bet you are thriving.:)

  3. I've been wondering how your move and new home have been treating you. It looks like everything is flourishing, and your sewing time will increase as you settle in even more. Love all the animals, large and small and in between. I'm looking forward to the next installment of "Maureen in the Country." Enjoy! Enjoy!

  4. I've been curious how you have been adjusting to farm life. It isn't for sissies, is it?
    Looks like you have a beautiful area to enjoy. Love seeing your critters. Kitties are too cute!
    I really like your little featherweight table. It is important to keep promises to yourself!! : )

  5. Great to see you back in blogland! The country life is one filled with added chores but the pleasure of living there is its own reward. Pace yourselves and don't forget to take time to smell the roses.

  6. Great photos! Lambs, ducklings, kittens, etc. It looks like something out of the pages of a vintage child's book about farm life. I love hanging clothes on a line. They feel so nice, but I guess when you HAVE to do it, the charm isn't as nice. I got your comment on my blog today. Volunteering at the Quilt Museum would be great, but the chance to see all of the exhibits--how awesome.

  7. Your new critters look right at home on the farm. Cannot wait to see what you do with the inside of the house. It has some gorgeous features. Would you like a couple of Flemish bunnies to add to your collection? I happen to have a few extra, LOL.

  8. What fun!! I don't know where to begin. All the farm babies are just the cutest. Love clothes dried on a line. The gardens sounds wonderful and how nice to have family to help. The sewing will come in time. I wouldn't get anything done with three kittens to tempt me.

  9. so fun to see all the babies/animals. the kittens are just so adorable.
    love your new sewing machine I hope it works well when you fix it up
    your new home/farm is amazing something I would love to do….

  10. Happy to read you again ! Lot of kisses

  11. Your new home looks idyllic!

  12. Lovely to catch up with you again....I see that farm life is going to suit you very well, and all those furry and feathered little mates will enrich your life, and you theirs too, love all the photos.....a little bit of stitching is sew important LOL!!! I had another look at your previous post to remind me of the house, and it really is rather a grand one, all the very best in your rural endeavours.....

  13. i have a big smile on my face and am just so happy for you~!!!!!~
    wonderful to see the photos and read the current news of how all is going.

    take good care.


  14. Maureen, your farm is fantastic! What a joy every day must be! (I haven't been blogging for about the same time.....I guess spring has really been busy this year! Glad you're back to blogging.....I hope to after the Vermont Quilt Festival next weekend! I have a quilt in it!)

  15. So glad you are making progress on the farm! Love the pics. Good to see you are getting a bit of sewing in too!

  16. Wow your new setting is beautiful and I love all the animals especially the kittens!! Glad you've created a little sewing area.

  17. Catching up on blog reading and so happy to "see" you again. Country living looks wonderful even with all the tasks you have before you. Clothes on the line... oh how jealous I am! Cute kittens, lambs and ducks

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