Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dear Jane Day

Here is one quilt from the Rockbridge County Fair. I'll share more another time. I've always admired Dear Jane quilts and thought about taking the challenge and put it off by telling myself I would give it a go if I could join a local Dear Jane group. Well, I stumbled on a local group! I checked out The Quiltery in Fairfield Virginia the other day and they are starting a monthly Dear Jane Day. So...any advice out there? What method do you suggest and why? I still need to buy the book. Can't really believe I'm going to do this and I feel excited about doing it at the same time! It will be a good way to meet some local quilters. Love this quilt - it got my vote for Viewers Choice.


  1. You are brave! Do you follow Aunt Reen. She probably has advice. She has made it at least once and is working on a second one. Have fun!

  2. Well, good for you! I bought the book soon after it came out, but have yet to make a single block! Sounds like a group will give you good support. I wish you success with it!

  3. exciting project! My friend Jill made one and it was incredible. She recommended you have the book spiral bound at a printer or staples, etc. She also made little notes in the book like when she did which blocks, where, etc. It made such a nice journal for her.

  4. I started a Dear Jane years ago with a group--the best way for beginning encouragement, I think. I started because I wanted to try some little blocks with applique and especially hand piecing. I've finished all but 15 of the 169 center blocks and plan to get back to it yet this year. With every block being different, there's no way boredom will set in.
    Make a plan for what you'll be happy to work with for a year or two or longer. Brights? CW repro's? 1930s? Kansas Troubles? I've seen versions of all of these and there's something special about each. Mine will be similar to the original, but I changed some of the colors. Did you realize it's basically a "trip around the world" sequence of color? I changed that a bit, adding my own touch.
    As long a project as this is, beginning in a group is a great idea. We met twice a month, and at each meeting, the leaders showed one block to stitch by machine, one to stitch by hand, one to paper piece, and one to applique. Those were just their suggestions--we could do what we wanted. I'm not a good hand appliquer, so I ended up machine applliquing my later blocks, but I wanted to give every process a try, so I could say I'd at least tried.

    The venture is wonderful, Maureen, and I applaud you for beginning it. We basically pulled our books apart and slipped each page into a plastic sleeve, then put into one BIG notebook. Many of us put the finished blocks inside those plastic sleeves (till notebook got too fat--then we found other methods to keep them neat.
    Check out I believe that gal has finished one version of DJane and is working on two more. She has a tutorial for EVERY SINGLE BLOCK on that site. It's absolutely the best single place for help that I've ever found.
    Keep us posted, Maureen, and have fun !!!!!

  5. What a fun group to join in your new location. I started a DJ, it is in the UFO section of the sewing room :-) I bought the EQ software. My friends who finished made multiples of a single block, then swapped. Enjoy!

  6. Sounds like you are embarking on a great new adventure here Maureen and it has been on my wish list for quite some time. I keep deliberating on how to start and a colour scheme because every one I have seen I have loved. The group sounds good and I like Vivian's advice to you. Shall be checking it out and waiting to see what you do. Have fun.