Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Stars and Stepping Stones

The center of this quilt was a Ways and Means for Burke QU many years ago - over 10 years ago I'm sure. I finished the center and played with the idea of an applique border but that really isn't my thing. I finally settled on the pinwheels - adding more at the top to cover the pillow. It sat on a shelf for another couple of years before I decided to quilt it by checkbook. Diane Henry did the quilting. I'm very happy with what she did.

Here is a peek at my sewing room. Was good to sit down at my machine and sew on the binding. I hand stitched it on in my sunroom. It was a bit warm in there but the light is wonderful any time of day. It will be nice to do some hand quilting in that room in the winter time.

I picked this up at a yard sale. Any ideas as to how to display it without completely enclosing it in a frame? Love the cover and also want to look inside from time to time.


  1. Your quilt is a beauty! I love how the pin wheels are placed on the pillow and the borders. The hardwood floors are beautiful - I imagine the rest of the sewing space is as well. Thanks for a peek. I have a couple of the magazines framed and s few just sitting.
    There is a framing technique where the back is hinged and it can be opened from the back to access the magazine.

  2. Oh my Maureen, the quilt is absolutely darling!! What a cheerful addition to your sewing room!! I would love to sit with you in your sun room and quilt!! Wouldn't that be fun!!

    Blessings and hugs!

  3. Great UFO finish!! Decoupage it to a piece of wood or frame in a plastic frame?? It is too cute to cover up.

  4. Down home goodness is what that sweet little quilt is all about! You made all the right choices and put it together beautifully. Congratulations on a fine quilt and a well settled sewing room, too!

  5. maybe an easel for the Needlecraft Magazine . . .
    love what you did with the quilt. all of those pinwheels used as a header and footer are colorful and happy and the skinny side borders bring everything together beautifully~!

    beautiful wood floor in your sewing room~!


  6. Stars and stepping stones it looks amazing love the pinwheels they frame the stars.The quilting is beautiful also.