Saturday, October 18, 2014

Too Many Distractions

It's not that I don't like making curtains. There are just too many distractions in my sewing room.

Above are fabrics and ideas for new quilts. I wonder if I will actually start all of them. The fabrics on the right are for a baby quilt for a grandniece born this past May so that one will most definitely get done.

I just couldn't help myself and started this blended quilt for our bed. The fabric in the left foreground will be the strips in between the strips of flying geese. I've had this fabric for forever so I kinda feel good about starting this one. The flying geese will finish at 4" x 8" so this quilt will come together relatively quickly for a large queen size. Barb gave me the idea to make it extra large so no fighting over the covers! My inspiration photo came from this book-

This book was given to me by a friend and I love all the comments on sticky notes she included with it. 

Here is my inspiration photo. I'm not actually using the directions because that would just confuse me!

I also started my Dear Jane blocks. I couldn't fall asleep last night so I finished the applique block and got a start on this pieced block this morning. I'm keeping two things I learned from other bloggers in mind as I work on this. After actually viewing the Dear Jane quilt, Kathleen noted how many imperfections there were in the original and we can loose site of this as we work on one block at a time. I decided I'm going to enjoy the challenge of figuring out how to make each block and not worry about making each block perfect. Not that I could do that anyway. Another, was a tip from Janet and Raewyn about making small blocks. Sew big and cut down to size.

I took some photos as I walked our property this afternoon. On the left are old apple trees that desperately need trimming. The two paw paw trees are on the right. 

I was glad to see we had a serviceberry tree. We had planted a couple at our old house and I was sorry to leave them. They have pretty white flowers in early spring, berries in June and pretty color in the fall.

I spent some time today digging up the thistle. They have pretty flowers but they are an invasive here and I don't like their prickly leaves. 

Mint in the pasture. I picked some for tea. 

Caesar is always trying to get a bite of my clothing.

Looking over our fence to the neighbors property. 

The ducks like to peck at me, too. Must be dinner time. They love green beans fresh from the garden. 

I changed up the quilts on the railing for fall.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. I plan to finish that Dear Jane block this evening.


  1. I love your quilt in the making. And I got such a chuckle out of this statement...
    "I'm not actually using the directions because that would just confuse me!"
    Do you actually get edible berries from the service berry tree? I'm trying to remember if this was the tree that I was told was the equivalent of the Saskatoon berry.
    You must be awfully sweet if everyone is nipping at you. : )
    Beautiful Fall quilt display!

  2. oh I love seeing pictures from your property, what a peaceful place you live in now. wow.
    Great start for a new quilt, beautiful fabric, The dear jane journey is just that by the time you finish that quilt your piecing of little blocks will be perfect! I agree just make the blocks and keep going! perfection is overrated! LOve that star quilt, the cheddar just sparkles perfect for fall decorating . Kathie

  3. Looks like you have the starts to a beautiful quilt!

  4. You are inspiring me to get my DJ back out of the closet. The advice to ditch perfection is good - now if I can just remember it! I did change some of the blocks slightly to make them a little bit easier - the applique is what made me put it all away. Thanks for taking us on a stroll with you!

  5. lovely flying geese blocks and pretty border print.
    I love to see your goats and ducks :)
    pretty stone walls and property.
    your fall quilts looks lovely on your railing.

  6. Looks like the flying geese quilt is going to be very pretty. Good for you to use some "stash" fabric!

    I loved taking a walk with you. You have some gorgeous scenery around your new place! And I love seeing your goats and ducks - they make me smile.

    Your quilts on the railing look so inviting. I still love the star one! And it's perfect colors for fall.

  7. Your property is lovely! What a great feeling that must be to walk it, looks,like Cesar enjoyed the walk too. I think your flying geese quilt is fantastic! The size of the geese units will show off the fabrics beautifully. The quilts over the rail are wonderful - happy fall!!

  8. Love the look of the blended quilt. I enjoy seeing all the photos of your new place.