Monday, November 10, 2014

Quick Show and Share

I'm happy to be able to participate in Lori's Quiltalong/Mystery this time. I always love her little doll quilts. As soon as I saw her post Saturday evening I ran up to my sewing room and started cutting 1 1/2" squares. I don't think I have any repeats here and I tried to keep with 19th century reproductions. Can't wait for the next step!

My first six Dear Jane blocks. I'm trying not to look ahead but just taking one block at a time.

I got the flying geese strippy top put together. Would love to baste it and get quilting but we are expecting frigid temps this coming week and I really need to get a few window treatments done. Our 1920's house has the original windows and they leak like crazy. I have everything I need to make roman shades for the family room. My stumbling block is the directions. I'm having a hard time finding directions that make sense to me. I've hemmed and hawed long enough and just need to jump in and figure it out.

We took a drive in the country a couple of weeks ago.  Color wasn't great this year though still pretty.


  1. Your parts for Lori's SAL look great. I also cut mine from CW repros with no repeats. I am in awe of how many people, like you, are ready for the next step.
    Your DJ blocks look so nice--carefully made. I admire your approach, not looking ahead. Maybe I could make it if I got that mindset!
    Your beautiful FG quilt looks so at home on that 4-poster bed. Like something out of the Romantic period. : )

  2. I like your rectangles of little squares very much - I can't resist participating but I haven't managed to get to my sewing machine yet.

  3. You've got a great start to Lori's QAL. I'm taking a pass so far, as I feel overwhelmed with other projects, but we'll see if I succumb.
    Your flying geese is very pretty with lots of room for wonderful hand quilting.
    bbbrrrr, stay warm! we're getting it on Thursday.

  4. Oh Maureen everything is just fabulous!! I missed seeing Lori's SAL - so glad that you posted about it!! I'll be joining in - maybe even get a post out about it!. Love the scenery photo - gives me a touch with you!!

    Blessing and hugs from Texas!

  5. Lots of tiny piecing! Cute and fun.
    Your views are so pretty.
    I made Warm Window roman shades years ago. I remember yards and yards of nylon cord!

  6. Such a fun quilt-along! Your strips look great!

  7. Good to see that you are able to make a little time for some sewing despite all the other jobs that beckon. Good luck with those blinds.

  8. Oh dear - cool to see another sewalong but really I must resist!!! You've made a great start on yours! I love your DJ blocks - such a lovely start to your adventure. I hope you get those windows sorted, decent curtains make such a difference.

  9. Your start to the doll quilt drew me in immediately! All those gorgeous Civil War reproductions make me need my drool bib!