Monday, November 17, 2014

Finishes and Almost Finishes

Step 2 complete of Lori's quiltalong/mystery. Trying not to dwell on how this is going to come together. It's hard waiting for the next step of instructions!

My DD finished a knitted baby blanket for some friends who are expecting any moment now. She used scraps from her yarn stash. I love how it turned out.

I finished one window shade for our family room. I have it opened for my rosemary plant I brought in from outside. Hoping it will survive the winter inside. There were some frustrating moments while making this shade. I'm now working on the other two for this room and they are going only a little more smoothly. It took us a couple hours to figure out how to hang this first one. Good to have that first one out of the way. 

Closed for the night.


And after.
Just need to get a few accessories. I made the curtains from dress fabric I found at a yard sale. We reused the medicine and corner cabinet behind the door and a pretty blue ceiling light we took from the walk-in closet. None of which you can see from this shot. You can see the radiator my DH spray painted black.  The details are very pretty - wish you could see those, too. I'm being very lazy today. I'll try to remember to take some detail shots when the light is good. I slept 10 hours last night and slept in to 8:15. It's rainy and cold and I think I'll stay in my jammies today. Haven't done that in so long. Will have to put my jeans on to check the animals but other than that I'm going to have what I consider a day off. Will work a little on the shades, do some reading, and maybe this evening I'll get out some hand stitching. Hope you find time to stitch today, too.


  1. Good job on the SAL! I have my squares cut and that is where it ends. Isn't the next clue due immediately, if not sooner?
    Cute little baby blanket your daughter made--very clever. Speaking of baby blankets, the one I made for my daughter using our swap blocks is finally going to have a use. DD#1 and her DH were chosen by a birth mother to adopt her child, due in May. They have been waiting for years.
    The shade looks really good. I've never made such a thing, so I admire your tenacity in figuring it out, getting it completed--and then making more! : )
    Love the look of the bathroom. Nice job! I love seeing make-overs on rooms. It makes me happy for the homeowner, because I know how happy such things have made me.
    Love the sound of your day--we need days like that now and then!

  2. Love that knitted baby blanket! The style is very charming. Your new bathroom is fabulous!! I am very jealous.:)

  3. I actually ditto EVERYTHING that Janet said - I now know why she and I are friends - we think just alike!!! Except I'm caught up on Lori's SAL - waiting is a little difficult - but I've kept busy with some other stitching. I couldn't stay in my jammies today - to many things to accomplish!! Hope your day was GRAND!!

    Blessings and hugs!

  4. your bathroom is fabulous! what an incredible make over and update! I love B&W. The radiator looks amazing and I love glass block windows. I had a blue tub & toilet set in my 2nd and 3rd home, I wonder if they're still there.
    the quilt along is looking good!
    Your dd did a great job with her baby throw - the baby will the love the texture.
    Oh, I almost forgot - great job on your shade. How ambitious and it looks great and will keep you warmer inside. You've been busy!

  5. Fabulous bathroom remodel! You DD's baby blanket looks so cuddly and warm! Have fun with the sew along.

  6. That new shower makes my heart flip - so gorgeous! Maybe if I keep showing it to DH he will get the hint?? How fun your daughter loves to knit and a sweet blanket is the result. Those shades look wonderful - but very intimidating. Enjoy your day off...we are very cold and snowy here so staying put also.

  7. Your pretty scraps for the mystery look wonderful and you must be so proud of your daughter, too!
    The update of the bathroom came out terrific! I vote for red accents, but I'm a red-junkie, LOL!