Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Quilters Unlimited 42nd Annual Quilt Show

It's been a while! Weather has been beautiful and beckoning me into the garden. I have been doing some hand quilting and in everything I do I'm trying to be more mindful. That concept seems to be everywhere nowadays, even at a quilt guild meeting. Back in April - that seems so long ago - I went to a Quilters Unlimited meeting in McLean to hear Mark Lipinski talk about his Slow Stitching movement. If you've ever heard Mark speak before you will understand that I was quite intrigued. He is very high energy. I thoroughly enjoyed his lecture. It was a good reminder to enjoy the process of quilting. He was lamenting the fact that the quilt world has been moving more to the quick and easy style quilting and loosing the peacefulness of the process and creating something of value. Probably something we are tending toward in all aspects of our lives. There was much more to his lecture so if you ever get a chance to go I'm confident you will find it very entertaining.

This past weekend I attended the Quilters Unlimited show in Chantilly Virginia with my friend Lesa. It was good to catch up with her and to see people I hadn't seen in a while. Here are a few of my favorite quilts. Feel free to Pin and don't forget to give credit to the quilters and the show.

My new church has a monthly gathering of women who make these cute little church mice as a fundraiser. We have such fun!


  1. Thank you for taking us along to the show. What a great variety, all wonderful.
    I think the slow stitching movement, or just appreciating the process is my goal too. I would enjoy hearing Marks presentation.

  2. Wow, what fabulous quilts!! Thanks for the tour!!! So much eye candy and such wonderful talented quilters!!

    Isn't it the truth - we are all seeking the peaceful fulfillment of our every day activities! I haven't hand quilted in over a year - been hankering to get one in the frame - but need to find a new place for the frame!! I have been doing some hand applique and also have been knitting - so peaceful and relaxing to work with your hands!!

    We've had bunches of rain - so I've not done much in the garden. I tackled some of the weeds today. The flowers and perennials look wonderful and it looks like we'll have some peaches!!

    Those mice are darling! What a nice group with which to meet!!

    Blessings and hugs!

  3. Thank you for sharing all the beautiful quilts! There are some very talented quilters there.

    Cute mice too!

    Yes, I agree. I think quilters need to slow down and enjoy what they're doing. It's not like most of us are in desperate need of a blanket to keep warm. For some, yes. And so many make quilts for others in need, which is so very generous. But for those of us doing it for love of the process, we need to just appreciate the process. I don't think it needs to be a race. It would be interesting to hear Mark's talk.

  4. Lovely collection of quilts and in the close ups I spotted a couple hand quilted - modern hand quilting is just as appealing as the traditional! I believe I must have caught the slow-stitching bug - moving more and more to stitching all by hand and just love the relaxing process of quilting, applique and hand piecing.