Sunday, September 20, 2015

Back to Stars in a Time Warp

It's been so long since I posted I almost forgot how. It was a busy summer with company and farm work. The freezer is full and the pantry is lined with colorful jars of our harvest. Things are slowing down a bit and the last few evenings I've been making stars...

week 10 green calicoes

week 36 lancaster blue

week 35 cretonne

week 34 bronze-style prints

week 11 purple

week 9 chrome yellow

It's not too late to join the fun. These blocks go together pretty quickly. I think I spend more time picking my fabrics which I'm really enjoying. It is making me dig through my stash. I'm finding things I forgot I had and learning what it is I have. Seriously, please tell me if I've misinterpreted any of these. I really want to know. For those of you who don't know, Stars in a Time Warp is a weekly quiltalong from quilt historian and fabric designer Barbara Brackman at Civil War Quilts. Each Wednesday she gives a lesson on a color and/or fabric design from the past.

While I wasn't posting this summer I have been quilting. I made the quilt below for a fundraiser for a birthing center. I made another quilt for the quilt auction for our local hospice center but forgot to take a photo.

the back

I struggled with the Jacob's ladder. I wasn't pleased until I separated the blocks - bright and not so bright. Below are the not so bright.
I still need to stitch these blocks together.

We got 17 chicks 8 weeks ago. They've been a major distraction!

I have a couple more projects in the works. I'm stitching down a binding on a quilt for our bed. We've had some chilly nights here so I want to get it done and on the bed soon. I'll be back soon to share.


  1. Happy to meet you again with your beautiful work. XXX

  2. So good to hear from you again, Maureen!
    From the sound of things, you have been very busy and productive.
    Look at you go on the stars! I wouldn't even dare try to start and catch up now. I have myself in too deep on too many projects, but I do love seeing the stars so many bloggers are creating.
    Jacob's Ladder is another of my favorite traditional patterns. I understand how it didn't click for you until you divided the brights from the not so brights. It made a couple of nice quilts, instead of one that didn't make you happy. : )

  3. Oh, I love to see your stars. what wonderful fabric combinations.
    wonderful and generous charity quilt! 18 chicks - wee!
    I loved the book your reading.

  4. Your chickens are adorbale, I'm sure work, but they look like fun. Your very generous with your donation quilts - lovely. The stars look great and I'm sure very fun hunting through your stash. I have visions of your pantry shelves all beautifully lined with good food for winter. Impressive!

  5. Wow, that's a very productive summer! I love your stars and I recognized several of your fabrics from my own stash, too. Your decision to separate the "Brights" from the "Calms" was a very good way to make the two quilts both shine. I like that solution!

  6. Beautiful Star blocks Maureen and your Jacob's ladder charity blocks and tops are wonderful!
    Those chickens are beautiful and I'm sure a wonderful addition to the farm!