Saturday, December 5, 2015

Friendship Quilt

Dawn of Collector with a Needle and I exchanged little quilts this year. I am thrilled with what she made for me.

Click on the photo to admire the variety of fabrics she used.

Before I started decorating for Christmas I had it on this sideboard in the dining room where I could see it often. I expect it will return there in January unless I find another perfect spot for it. I like moving things around!

This vintage flannel backing is so soft.

A very special quilt. Dawn and I met last June when she was presenting a program in Warrenton Virginia. I hope we can meet up again soon.

Here are a few more Stars in a Time Warp blocks.

Week 39 Claret Red

Week 24 Blotch Ground Chintzes - I think

not sure which week I was thinking with this one

Week 44 Early Roller Print Clouds and Storms

Week 42 Sprigged Muslins and Indiennes

Week 43 Provincial Prints

Week 40 Cadet Blue and Celestials

Week 41 Neon Novelties

I hope to to put these stars into a quilt top this winter. I have lots of plans for time spent in my sewing room. Right now I'm finishing a scrappy Jacob's Ladder quilt top for a great niece. I hope to have the quilt finished by the end of the month. Also, on the sewing agenda for the winter is a small quilt to display in my dining room - Paula Golden says wall hanging sounds too violent! - using my collection of dutch fabrics. Lastly, I hope to make roman shades for my kitchen and powder room. I've had the fabric for months now and it's time to get that done.

Thanksgiving week was a fun family affair. We played board games every evening.

Yesterday, DH and I collected greenery and pinecones to decorate the church hall for the Advent Lessons and Carols reception. I couldn't resist taking this photo of Frida. She's an outdoor cat who came with our property. She is always trying to get in our house. I relent too often and let her in even though I'm allergic to cats. She is good though and knows to go to the one chair I've covered with a towel. Admittedly, she picked the chair but it's okay because it's in the foyer and no one ever sits on it.

Hope to be back soon with a finished Jacob's Ladder quilt.


  1. Such a pretty small quilt, thank you for sharing it here! I loved looking at all your stars but that storms and roller prints is definitely my personal favorite. They are all wonderful!

  2. What a treasure from Dawn!!! She is such a wealth of wonderful quilt info! And to have one stitched by her own hands!! Of course, I LOVE your star blocks!!! How fun to have your family together!! And Freda looks like she owns the spot!!!

    Blessings and hugs!

  3. What a sweet mini quilt you received. Love your stars. Hugs

  4. Your Star blocks are beautiful!
    The little quilt from Dawn is gorgeous, as is the one you also made for her!
    Frida looks so sweet in that picture.
    So nice to hear you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

    Looking forward to seeing your Jacob's Ladder quilt when finished.
    Wishing you a very Joyful Christmas season!

  5. What a sweet swap with Dawn! Would love to meet her someday, and I am only one state away, but our paths haven't crossed.
    Your swap with Dawn and your wonderful star blocks and remind me of our churn dash swap. Always love your fabric combos, and these stars are no different.
    Love to gather the family for games. What are your favorites? Recently we discovered Splendor and it is the current fav. We enjoy lots of Euro games.

  6. I treasure the quilt Maureen! I am glad you like the little hex. I too hope to do some sewing in the coming year with some Dutch fabrics. I love the fall decorating and Frieda is the perfect compliment. Enjoy the holiday season with your family, looks like great fun!

  7. Maureen !! Dawn hizo un precioso edredón para ti,
    es un tesoro

  8. Lovely little swap gift.
    Enjoyed seeing all your stars.