Saturday, June 23, 2018

Sage and Grape Ocean Waves Quilt and a Lot More

It's been quite a while since I've posted so I have a lot to share. Above is the full size Ocean Waves quilt I made for my sister and her husband. She sent me this photo via text with a touching message about how she was crying with happiness to receive it. She touched me with her words of thanks as I touched her with the quilt. I felt especially good to provide her with some happiness as her husband has been ill for over a year now.

Soon after I finished the Ocean Waves quilt I broke my left wrist when I slipped on black ice in our driveway. That was a little over three months ago. Fortunately, it was my non-dominate wrist but it still slowed me down a lot. I only had a cast on for six weeks. Then I had physical therapy. I still see improvement in my strength and flexibility every day.

A couple weeks ago I got the itch to start sewing again. I had a t-shirt quilt and a baby quilt I needed to start. So, of course, I started something completely different. I didn't want to do a lot of cutting so I pulled out the strips of fabric that are left over from quilt backs and started making these free form log cabin blocks. The unfinished blocks are 9 1/2 inches - the size of one of my square rulers. I was thinking it will be a lap size quilt though that might change.

On a whim, I picked up this magazine at the grocery store last week. It has been years since I purchased a quilt magazine. I wanted some inspiration for the baby quilt I'm going to make for my niece's new baby. I found lots of inspiration - plus patterns for produce bags and table runners.

I pieced this table runner top yesterday evening using some solids and a charm pack a friend gave me.

The charm pack fabric is garden themed - just love those little bees. I have half of the charm pack left so I think I will make another table runner and give it to my friend.

Last week, I also got a start on the t-shirt quilt. I'm bartering this quilt for some shop tools my husband wants from the widow of the man who rode the Harleys.

Two weeks ago, I was up in Harrisonburg and stopped in at the Virginia Quilt Museum. I was blown away by the quilts in the "Beyond the Valley" exhibit curated by Doreen Johnson and Dawn Ronningen. If at all possible, you must go!

While at the museum, I donated some fabric. The museum has awesome fabric flea events. The woman I talked to said they were looking for a place in the Virginia Beach area to do a fabric flea event. Contact the museum if you have any ideas. They will bring the fabric to you. I think they charge something like $6 or $8 a pound. It's a great deal and a wonderful fundraiser for the museum.

I was at the ophthalmologist in March and snapped a couple photos of this little quilt to share.

I like how it is quilted. Maybe this was my inspiration for the free form log cabin blocks.

I have one more thing to share. I entered a couple of quilts in the Rockbridge County Fair quilt exhibit last year and I was surprised to win some awards - even Judge's Choice!

Here are some quilts from the show-

Above and below are my two entries. October Surprise, above, won Judge's Choice and first place in it's category (I think small, machine quilted). Stars and Stepping Stones, below, won an honorable mention in it's category (large, machine quilted).

The Quilts in the Country exhibit is run by the Rockbridge Pieceworkers Quilt Guild.

Well, I think that is more than enough for now. I hope to be back soon with some finishes.


  1. wonderful photos...congrats on the ribbons!

  2. Nice to see your post - and catch up with your doings...anytime I hear of someone who has had a broken wrist and it was in a cast, I think - thank goodness they did not have to have an external fixator. Being a veteran of 2 broken wrists, one in cast the other in the fixator...Glad you are healing and able to quilt. Congrats on all the awards!! Love the little bee fabric too...I have it in the blue background and the white. Someday hoping to visit the VQM - it must be fabulous.

  3. Wonderful to see a post from you, Maureen!
    The Ocean Waves quilt is gorgeous. I can understand the tears of the recipient. Very nice the way the quilt includes more than two colors. It really sparkles, to me.
    Sorry about your broken wrist! Good to see that you are able to get back to quilting now.
    I laughed about how you had two quilts you needed to start, so you started something else. Been there too many times! :)
    You have great projects going, but your quilts in the show are what caught my attention--and apparently the judges, as well. Congrats on your ribbons! Well deserved.

  4. I hope your wrist is better.
    I've made one ocean waves in exchange for a quilt being quilted. Yours is so lovely and it is so nice when our work is appreciated.

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