Sunday, July 1, 2018

Table Runner Finish

I machine quilted this table runner early last week and finished hand stitching the binding at a Creative Crafting afternoon at my church. Of the five of us there, two of us were working on quilts and a third brought in fabrics and a pattern for encouragement to start her first quilt project. So fun! My table runner was a smidgen too long for the table and then I washed it and it is now just right.

I finished the t-shirt quilt top and will take it to the long arm quilter tomorrow. It feels so good to have that checked off my list. Last night I pulled out this lap size quilt top I stitched several months ago. My plan is to offer it as an auction item for a local non-profit called Project Grows. Among other things they encourage children of all ages to get out and grow their own food. The auction is in October so I thought before I start anything new I should get this quilted. Oh, the pattern I used was Bonnie Hunter's Scrappy Trips.

These are fabrics I plan to use for the quilt I want to make for my niece's baby. I couldn't resist the hedgehog and rabbit fabric at my local quilt shop. I think I'll use the print for the backing and the solids (most of them from my stash) for the front. I don't have a firm plan so I'm putting off starting this.

We just painted our dining room after taking down 3 layers of wall paper and waiting 3 months for the plasterer to show up and repair the walls. I'm in love with the color - Benjamin Moore's Tomato Cream Saucde. I plan to use the 18th (?) century reproduction Dutch fabrics in the photo below to make a quilt for the empty wall. I'm itching to start this but will at least finish the Scrappy Trip quilt first.

Poor Len. He hasn't been doing well the past few months and we just found out he has a large malignant tumor on his thyroid. He is on medication and we are trying to keep him comfortable. July 4th won't be fun. He hates fireworks and our neighbor puts on a long, noisy show.

I just finished this book. It's a good summer/beach read. I usually prefer something with a little more depth and less predictable but I enjoyed it nevertheless. 

This afternoon I made my guys this pasta salad. It's rotini pasta with onion, celery, red pepper, smoked turkey breast from the deli, bacon, mayo and fresh oregano, tarragon and basil. My husband is dairy free so my son will add shredded italian cheeses to his plate. If you don't have herbs, you can substitute ranch dressing for half of the mayo.

I'm gluten free so I made myself a summer squash soup. I sauteed onion, celery and yellow squash. Then added chicken broth and cooked all until vegetables were completely soft. I added roasted chicken meat from last night's dinner and crumbled bacon. Then I blended it all together and sprinkled dulse flakes on top. It's the summer version of my winter standby which I make with butternut squash.

Everything is better with bacon!

Like others, I'm realizing there is a problem with Blogger and commenting. Please know that I appreciate all your comments and visits.


  1. Love the newly painted dining room! And those Dutch chintz fabrics will just sing when you put them into a quilt. Looks like you have been busy in the sewing room all ready. It is so hard to know our furry companions are not feeling well. We just have to keep them close by and give extra tummy rubs. And our sheltie girls are the same way with fireworks or thunderstorms...with the 4th being in the middle of the week this year, we may be in for extended celebrations on the weekend too?

  2. I thought to myself, when I saw your table runner, how perfectly it fits the table. I was surprised that it was a bit too long to start with. I don't know why I was surprised...just was.

  3. I have a couple of toppers that are a smidge larger than needed, but I hadn't thought to wash them. I will have to give that a try. Yours looks like a perfect fit now.
    Very cute hedgehog fabric. My youngest daughter's family had a pet hedgehog for a while. Very cute little thing.
    I feel so bad for people and animals that are traumatized by the noise of fireworks. There is no escaping them this time of year.
    Curious--are you gluten free of necessity or by choice?

  4. ha ha everything is better with bacon! I'm making pasta salad today for tomorrow. Sorry about your pup.
    You runner is really nice and I LOVE your paint color too. I have a beigey pink LR. It is such a nice color to live in.
    Fun upcoming baby quilt project

  5. I love your dining room color and the chair color too! You've been a busy lady making lots of fun projects. Love the hedgehogs!
    I hope your pooch is doing better on meds.

  6. So sorry for Len. What a wonderful family you are for him.
    Love the Dutch Chintz and look forward to seeing what you do with them.
    Your projects are all so pretty.
    The food photos look delicious and have inspired me to do a little something special for dinner this evening.
    Happy Stitching!!

  7. Your quilts are gorgeous - I've never been able to sew, so I'm always impressed when someone else can. I love the dining room! I think I have that book somewhere around here.


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