Friday, January 28, 2011


Have you ever filled a bobbin and then realize you didn't leave much on the spool? Phooey!

I thought I'd show you my new way of applying a binding. It was really the corners where I needed help. Here it is...
Stop 1/4" away from the quilt edge and pivot, then sew off toward the corner.

I think you can see the stitching if you click on the photo to enlarge.

Turn the binding and fold at the corner. Edges of the binding should meet.

Lay binding flat and pin.


This corner looks pretty good.

The back looks much better than what I was getting before. Each side meets up nicely at the corner.

The beginning

The end

I think that is the best I've ever done.

The beginning and end is how I've always done it. Kathy had a different method, but I like how I do it better. I think she was surprised I was in this beginner binding class, but I think it is sometimes good to review the basics. Yes, a lot of it was review, but those few nuggets were well worth it. I think we need to explore different methods and see what works best for us.

It's nice to have our power back on. We lost it soon after I took this photo...
looking out my living room window. It started with sleet and then wet, heavy snow and even thunder. We had 2" within the first half hour. Our power went out around 6:00 Wednesday evening and it came back on around noon Thursday. We had a pretty snowfall this morning, but not much accumulation.


  1. this is how I do it too on a large quilt.
    I like your bias binding fabirc!
    lovely window baubles.
    We've beem lucky no outages so far.

  2. That is one sweet little pup in that 1st pic! And I love the quilt! Yummy colors!

  3. That's how I do all my corners, too. It works like a charm *s*

  4. I was taught the same method of turning the corners by a wonderful quilter last year, and now my corners are much nicer too. I do join my binding a little differently though. The snow looks so crisp and clean!

  5. What a lovely binding to finish off that quilt!!
    Thanks for the tip!

  6. Thank you for sharing your knowledge Maureen. All makes for a nicer and cleaner finish.

  7. Thank you for the tip! I will try this on my next quilt :)


  8. Nothing beats the wonderful look of a bias binding. Your instructions & photos are great.

    Isn't wintery, snowy weather the pits?
    Electricity off is no treat either.

  9. Thanks for sharing your way of doing the binding. The photos are all fine and easy to follow and see.
    I like the quilt you show us :-) and a cute dog.
    It mustn't have been easy without power (and heat?).