Monday, May 30, 2011

What will I do? Quilt, of course!

For various reasons I resigned from my job at the library. It was just a 10 hour a week job with little pay, but it was really getting in the way of my life. After almost 3 years it was time to call it quits. Someone asked me “What will you do”? I always think this is a funny question. I wake up every morning with a hundred things I would like to do. Aren’t we quilters lucky? We are never bored!

Another question I get and I’m sure you do, too, is “why do you quilt”? I use one of two answers – it keeps me out of trouble or it amuses me.

I’ve been working on various projects this weekend– made a couple more of the churn dash blocks, prepared a few more hexie blocks for appliqué, and stitched some crumb blocks. I have over 70 crumb blocks now. 

I decided I was spending too long digging in my scrap bin so I started organizing the scraps by shape. Some were too big and I’ve been cutting them down to 1 ½”, 2”, and 2 ½” for a scrappy 4 or 9 patch in the future.

I pinned the blocks into groups of ten and here they are in this cute fabric bowl my sister gave me.

I’m using my 4” square ruler to cut the crumb blocks down so they will finish at 3 ½”.

I’m thinking of using a zigzag setting with one of these fabrics. I think I like the turquoise blue the best.

I found the book Quilts An American Legacy by Mimi Dietrich at the library book sale. She takes 12 quilts from the Smithsonian Institutions collection and has her own version with directions.

I really like the quilt on the left and I’m thinking of using these old calicos that I love and have been picking up from chapter yard sales for about $1 a yard. I also have a few of my own and I love how they look with stripes, plaids and polka dots. My husband is doing the burn test on them so I know which ones have polyester in them. I’m separating those out and will probably use them in their own project someday.

I want to spend time this week before the quilt show just soaking in how much fabric I have and how many quilts I can make without purchasing any more. I’m even wondering if I will have much time to shop. In looking over notes from previous volunteer coordinators it looks like I will be very busy.

The lavender is starting to bloom. It’s a couple of weeks early this year. The bumblebees usually come when the lavender blooms. I hope to see them soon.

I don’t expect to post again until next week. We set up the quilt show on Thursday and the show is open Friday to Sunday. I expect to be very tired come Monday, but hope to have some quilts to show you.


  1. You have all kinds of goodness going on!!
    Love the scrappy blocks with a zig zag set will be so much fun!!
    Enjoy the show- even if you are working!!

  2. I like the turquoise fabric, too. And how funny is it that I have at least 2 of your old calicos in my stash! What a great idea to use them up....and I love that pops!

    Have fun at your quilt's always a lot of work, but it's so much fun when the doors finally open!

  3. Sounds like you already have plenty to keep you busy! Have fun at the quilt show.

  4. The turquoise fabric really brightens up the blocks! I have that book too! It's a great book! But have I done anything out of it?! I have family signatures for the pen names quilt in the book, but haven't done it! Your lavender garden looks beautiful! Hope the quilt show is a huge success!


  5. Love your blocks - I like the black or turquoise.
    The HST project looks fun. Do you use the sheets to paper piece? Or, I should say will you?
    Treat yourself to some relaxation after the quilt show - but I come home from those all inspiried to SEW.
    Your garden is very pretty.

  6. what a great post~!
    love the fabric bowl that you are keeping blocks in and the crumb pieced blocks look beautiful on the turqoise fabric . . . i think i like the zig zag setting for them too.
    your garden is lovely and i'm jealous of anyone who lives somewhere where the sun has shone enough to have lavendar already~!!~


  7. I use my hubbie for performing the burn test too. Mine seems to enjoy the "scientific" aspect of it.
    Your blocks look great, and the zigzag sets them off so well. The turquoise is a nice bold color for your funky blocks.
    Hope the quilt show goes well, and looking forward to seeing some photos.

  8. Can't leave comments on your blog for days...I try another thing...(uncheck stay connected)
    I made a lot of crumbs and like the zig zag setting. XO