Friday, September 30, 2011

Just One Quilt and Some Books

In my last post I said I would share three finished quilts in my next post. Only the quilt for my niece’s baby is ready to share. I’m busy with another project – more about that later. As usual I think I can do more than I can. Oh, well. This one is finished! I’m sending it out to California with a puzzle for big brother.

See my Penny there in the background on the left. She turned 14 last Friday and I forgot about it until Saturday. I don’t think she noticed. ; c ) She has slowed down a lot, but she has moments like yesterday when she runs out the door with Duke and Len chasing squirrels and chipmunks.

New books for my quilting library-

I usually keep a wish list of books and when one of the kids needs a book I order one or two to get the free shipping from Amazon. At least I’ve delayed my gratification!

I LOVE History Repeated. All the quilts are gorgeous and photographed so well. I was a bit hesitant to order this because I really don’t need another pattern book. I like books I can read and I usually don’t follow quilt patterns anyway. There are two things about this book I thought were a bit different and a plus. Because the book is based on a 19th century block exchange group they show more than one quilt for each block. The settings are different which sometimes totally changes the look of the quilt. Also, for each block exchange they provide information on their fabric selection limitations. “We used 1880s and earlier reproduction fabrics in brown, blue, indigo, Prussian blue, Perkins purple, pink, Turkey red and green as well as light and medium shirtings and conversational prints. All participants used the same cheddar fabric. We did not use poison greens, neons, clarets, chrome yellows or cadet blues.” I’ll have to research Perkins purple. This description provides more limitations than most. I thought this feature was very helpful. My only complaint is the cover material – it doesn’t seem very sturdy. I keep flipping through this book so I’m thinking maybe I should take it to a copy shop and have it spiral bound and plastic covers added.

I read about Great Little Quilts on Dawn’s blog Collector with a Needle. I was a little disappointed with the condition of the book, but it is full of lovely little quilts. Obviously, it is used – thought I chose one that was in “very good” condition. Not only is the dust cover messed up; the binding looks like it is chewed a little. The books pages are fine which I guess is what matters most.

I found this treasure at the library books sale. Crib Quilts and Other Small Wonders by Woodard and Greenstein is chockfull of quilts. Look at this – 6 on one double page spread and there are pages and pages like this!

More books from the library sale-

And a Japanese Quilt magazine –

I’m preparing to do a demo at the next Springfield QU meeting. I’m sharing Gyleen Fitzgerald’s Pineapple Ruler. I blogged about it here and here. There are three other people demonstrating three other rulers and it is being done round robin style. I’m so glad I started preparing this week because I need to have enough blocks in the various stages to show four groups. They are fun to do, but not real fast. The binding on the other two quilts will have to wait.

Hope you find some stitching time this weekend.


  1. Maureen, I had seen the book "History Repeated" on some site and wondered about it! Now I want it!! Sounds delightful. I too, very seldom follow patterns but love looking at quilt books and getting ideas on my own! Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend. Oh by the way, the quilt is lovely!


  2. It looks like you scored big on the books. Great additions to your library!
    Great job on the finished quilt!

  3. The quilt looks great and what a wonderful selection of books. I have most of them already in my library but I was really interested to read about History Repeated and will keep an eye out for it. Take care.

  4. Your niece is going to love the quilt. And what a treasure trove of books from your library! Looks like they had a great selection of quilt titles. I somehow ended up with two copies of Great LIttle Quilts! LOL! One of these days, I need to see if anyone else could use one.

  5. Great haul at the library sale. I hope my upcoming library has some quilt books to offer. History Repeated is my favorite new quilt book, by far. Just beautiful.
    Your lucky big brother will love this quilt!

  6. Fun books. I sometimes have the bindings removed and a spiral put in if I find I am using a book very much. Easy to flip them and they stay open on the cutting table.
    Love the finish - it will be a treasured gift!

  7. Oh! I love your finished quilt - lucky brother!!!
    those books like sure things. I think I may have the little quilt book - must check my shelves to make sure :)

  8. Your quilt is gorgeous, Maureen! Love it! And those books sound great....I'm going to start looking for them on Amazon. Thanks for the glimpse.

  9. Never met a churn dash I didn't like. Your colors are very fun--did you choose the border fabric to match the churns, or did you draw the colors for the churns from the border fabric. Just curious.
    New quilt books are always such a treat!

  10. Oh I am in LOVE with that Churn Dash quilt!!! How about I send you my snail mail addy and you mis-direct it to my house instead of your brother's... :D

  11. I meant to ask what size your blocks are; and also, like Janet, I'm curious about which came first, the blocks :D or the border :D

  12. Thanks for the heads-up on your fabulous finds. I think I need one or two of those as well. Eye candy is the only candy I'm allowed these days. Karmen

  13. oh you bought some of my favorite books!
    inspiration plus!!!!
    the History Repeated book in mho is one of the top 2 books published this year :)
    Have a great day!

  14. The quilt is pretty as can be. Love the combinations of fabrics and colors you used.
    Looks like great additions to your book shelves. I've had my hands on the "History Repeated" book a couple times but haven't bought it -- yet. I appreciate your comments about it and quotes from it. My resistance is weakening.

  15. I have seen "History Repeated" and think it is a great book. It is on my list of books to buy. You did well at the library sale. Your library must be quite a nice one to browse in.