Friday, September 9, 2011

UFO Breakthrough

I first blogged about these Morningstar blocks here. I think I have a new plan. I was browsing through Liz’s blog Quilterie and found a setting I love. It's the first quilt in the Sept. 13th post. I don’t know if it will work with these blocks. If not, I’ll just surround each star block with hst’s and hope I can do it so it is relatively flat.   

I looked this star block up in Jinny Beyer’s Album of Patchwork Patterns and she lists 15 different names for it! 

I’m paper piecing the hst's with Thangles. While I have been on a hst kick, this one has sort of been assigned. This years McLean QU challenge is to make a quilt with at least 200 hst. At first there was a size limit, but then that rule was relaxed. Off hand I don’t remember the size limit, but I’m pretty sure I’ll meet the original challenge.

I’ve also been stitching hexagon blocks and have just 7 more to go and I can piece the top. I’ve been stitching one a day. The back for the churndash quilt is done. I'll baste that sometime next week.

I’ve spent a couple hours a day for the past 3 days painting the trim in our kitchen. We have a lot of trim! There are six entryways to this room. One is a bathroom just off the eating area (I know – Ugh – must have been designed by a man). We are painting the bathroom too and while taking the wallpaper off the wall near the toilet my husband found rotting drywall. The toilet has been leaking (and I thought the men in my house just had bad aim!) so we need to replace the drywall and the laminate flooring. Off to Home Depot we went!

The basket and board were my barricade to keep Len out of the kitchen while I painted. Lucky for me (and Len) he’s on dirty laundry.

Such a sleepy pup!

A shot of our side yard late yesterday afternoon.

And in front of our house looking across the street. We’ve been here over 20 years and have never seen it like this. Luckily my neighbor came home in time to move his truck. That is firewood in the water.

And look at his side yard. Amazingly, he didn’t have any water in the house. No, I did not take this photo! My husband grabbed an umbrella and my camera - any excuse to go play in the water. No use telling him it's dangerous.

We had 10-12 inches of rain over 4 days. The floor in the unfinished portion of our basement was a little damp. That was it - the sump pump did its job.

The dogs thought it was something, too! The only thing moving is Duke’s tail.


  1. Wow, Maureen--you've had so much going on. From all of the quilting projects (which are lovely--love the stars), to the painting and home improvement projects, to coping with incredible weather. That water is incredible--glad everyone is safe, and I love the photo of the dogs keeping watch. Must be comforting! : )

  2. Oh my gosh, Maureen! What a post! Your blocks are so beautiful with all those wonderful hst's around them......just went to Liz's blog, and WOW.....I love that quilt you mentioned! It's fabulous! Her whole blog is! I guess I'm following one more blog now! Thanks! And I'm so glad your hubby didn't get washed away taking those pics! Yikes, that's some raging waters! I can't believe your quiet little neighborhood is flooded like that! Has the water level gone down any yet? Are you able to get out!?! That is really scary to me! I've always lived on a hill, and have never thought about flooding....I just can't imagine what that must be like looking out your front yard! Hope the level goes down quickly and you don't get any damage.

  3. Glad you are safe after all that rain. The picture of the dogs is precious.
    Have fun with all those hst's. Stay warm and dry and happy painting.

  4. all stay safe and dry! I love the hst sashings on your Morningstar blocks. It gives them a real antique look. Off to visit Liz's blog now.

  5. That sure is a lot of water and the dogs were stupid staying dry and surveying the scent from the verandah. Take care Maureen and stay dry!

  6. Incredible photos Maureen, I hope the water drains away quickly so you can all get back to normal! Your star blocks are looking great!!!

  7. love the way the hst look around your blocks! perfect solution!
    oh yes the flooding around here was amazing to watch/see too.
    I am hoping for a month of sunny cool days, give me the fall now!
    cool crisp days...

  8. You have been very prolific, Maureen! I love the HST sashing around the star blocks.
    You had much more water surrounding your house than we did. Great photos! I am happy it stayed out side. Our house stayed dry, too.

  9. what a cute photo of the dogs. they look amazed! And that water is amazing! I'm glad it wasn't worse for your house!
    I love your HST setting. Sounds like you're getting lots of fun things done!

  10. Great blocks you have going there and WOW WEE on all that water!!! Glad you didn't have any problems from it!!!

    Crazy cute puppies!!!!

  11. What an amazing post. Of course those little HSTs look great on your blocks. I was taken aback by the incredible amount of water going passed your place and I just loved the cute photo of your dogs transfixed by the raging waters!

  12. Lots of water!! Cute picture of the dogs watching it!