Thursday, September 15, 2011


I think I know how I want to stitch these together, but I’d like to get your opinion. Do you like the two blocks on the left with the sashing strips or the two on the right with just the hsts or do you have a suggestion for something else? I’ve made 250 1” hsts. I’m putting them aside because I have other projects that need tending to. Three quilts need machine quilting – the triangle quilt, the churndash and a little table topper. You’ve seen the first two.

Two women at my church made the table topper for the auction in November. They asked me to machine quilt it for them. I’ll show it when I’m finished. The last time I machine quilted something for them it ended up in the Quilter to Quilter section of the Nov/Dec 2010 edition of McCall’s Quilting. It was quite a surprise.

I feel like I have so many projects competing for my attention. I also finished appliqueing the hexagon flowers to the background blocks. So the hexagon and star quilts will be my carrot to entice me to finish my machine quilting projects.

The floodwaters I showed in my previous post only lasted a couple of hours at the most. I guess it was a flashflood. By Friday afternoon the sun was out and we had a beautiful weekend.

Saturday morning I found these at a yard sale-

Our temps fell into the 60's this afternoon. It feels so good. I’m ready for fall!


  1. I really like just the half square triangles as you have them on the right. That is going to be a great quilt. That's a lot of 1" HSTs. I am seeing a lot of those sort of leaves on the ground here, too. I really love fall.

  2. I'm with LuAnn on this one. Can't put my finger on why, exactly, but I prefer not to have the white sashing between the rows. I love these blocks. What a lot of work you have put into this project!
    Aren't yard sales fun?
    Wish it was fall here. Leaves are still green and temps in the 80s.

  3. 100% agreement with LuAnn and Janet. I prefer the version on the right, without the white spaces. It looks more like a layout we'd see in antique quilts. The version on the left is an interesting one as well, more of a modern version.
    I'm an antique-loving gal, so the right one is the one for me.
    I haven't taken time for garage sales for a while, but when I do, I usually luck out with a super bargain or two. Garage sales are such a wonderful form of recycling, aren't they? And usually the price is right.

  4. Well, I like the one left with the sashing as I get the feeling of a "more open and light" quilt.
    So happy to read that the floodwater has gone and that you are ok.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. I prefer the left with white sashing,same reason as Anne-Mette, right have a more antique look. Hugs

  6. I like the hst's. That setting seems to push the eye to the central stars.
    Either way, you will have a lovely quilt.

  7. My first instinct is to go with the one on the left. It shows off the HSTs and it is a more unusual setting - maybe that is why it appeals to me. That said, both of them are lovely.

  8. I like the sashing between the HST rows, but either way, this is a masterpiece!
    Glad you didn't need Noah's Ark! I agree, a feeling of fall is in the air...yippee!

  9. I can understand your quandary and my first choice was the one on the right with just the HSTs but now I am not so sure. I usually agonise for days over these type of decisions but really at the end of the day your own personal choice will be what is right for your quilt. Take care.

  10. I like the sashing between the hst...breathing room...quilts by committee can sometimes make decisions the end, your choice is the one that counts.

  11. I think I prefer the blocks on the right, two rows of HST's! without the sashing inbetween. I've looked and then looked again, and each time I go back to the photo, I still prefer the two rows of HST's - but I see there is fairly equal preference, so Maureen it'll have to be what your quilting heart desires LOL!!!!
    Love your vintage fabric purchases, they remind me of the tablecloths my Grandmother used to use, and I just loved them!!!!! While you guys are cooling down, we are just warming up, so good to see Spring, we've had some delicious days of warm weather, so nice to be able to peel some of the layers off (our beds and us!)

  12. I think I like the HST one, on the right.
    I love your yard sale finds - especially that dress, it's awesome.
    Hooray for fall!

  13. I love the HST version.
    What fun finds at the yard sale!
    I too love cool fall weather.
    You are very generous with your time, and well deserving of the magazine mention.

  14. gorgeous yard sale finds ~!!~ lucky you.

    i think i like the 'space' that the left hand setting gives . . . both are wonderful and that's a lot of hst's~!
    can't wait to hear what you decide.


  15. I like both ways, just depends on what kind of look you want. I lean towards more traditional so that would the the one without the white sashing.

  16. Love both versions, but the one on the left a little more. This is going to be a great amazing quilt! Those flood pictures in your previous blog are pretty scary - glad you are all ok!