Friday, March 9, 2012

Two Finishes

Well, almost two finishes. While work commenced in my sewing room, I was doing a lot of hand quilting upstairs. I bound this small quilt last night and washed it this morning. It measures 38"x 48". Just the right lap size for me and it sure is warm. I used Quilters Dream Wool. I love this stuff. It's easy to quilt and gives it just enough loft to show my stitches.

This is the third quilt I've used this little toile as the backing. Would you call that a toile? It's Halcyon Days created by Kathy Hall for Andover Fabrics.

As you can see from the first photo, my sewing room is almost complete. That's the second finish. Go to this post to see what it looked like a year ago. Here are a few shots I took this morning.

I've set up a cutting station on the buffet. We moved this down from the dining room because there really isn't enough space in that room for it. This is part of the set I want to paint - a big job so I'm dragging my feet.

I'm so, so happy with how it looks. My DH did most of the painting (with a little help from DS1 and me) and laid down the new floor. Just vinyl tiles, but I think they look real. He still needs to do a little work around one wall and put the tile in the closet under the stairs. The closet is behind the design wall. He plans to do that this weekend.

You can see the old (1970's?) vinyl tile in this photo. It had actually grown on me, but there were places with stains and others where it was coming off.

To do the flooring we had to move EVERYTHING out of the room. Wasn't that embarrassing! As I moved all the quilting stuff back in I filled 2 shopping bags full of stuff for the guild yard sale. I have to be honest and say not everything went back into this room. I still have scrapbooking stuff to look through, but I have room in the cabinet to the left of the design wall for that stuff. Some stuff I had already gotten rid of and a couple bins of jeans are in my daughter's room. I wonder if she will move back home after graduation. She wants to travel so I'm thinking not. But that also means her stuff needs to go somewhere. Yikes! I hope she isn't planning to bring it here. We may need to get a storage unit. I hate the idea of that, but maybe just for a few years as my kids move into adulthood.

Not much on the calendar this weekend - I'm free to putter and stitch! How about you?


  1. Your sewing room looks just wonderful. A lovely space you can devote to doing what you enjoy. Nice of your family to help out fixing it up.

  2. Wonderful space for sewing! and I love the daybed(?) with the quilt on it.
    We have a bedroom full of storage boxes that 3 of our adult children have left behind until they get settled in a home of their own. The fourth one is settled. I, too, don't like the idea of a storage unit, but we don't have a garage or shed, so the bedroom was it.
    This weekend a niece is getting married, so there is a full day of events for the family tomorrow. Have fun sewing--I will miss my machines. : )

  3. Your sewing room looks like a very nice room to be creative in. I love the day bed. You can just curl up there when you get tired of stitching and no one will miss you - they will just think your still sewing!

    Your 1930's quilt is great - the Baptist give it such a nice look.

    Have fun sewing in your "new" room!


  4. Such a pretty space that you and you family have created! And quilter's husbands are the BEST!

  5. The sewing room is coming along nicely and I agree with adoring wool butter to quilt through! Have a lovely may sew or do a little scrapbooking.

  6. What a nice space to have as just yours!!! I did have a look at 'how it was', and yes LOL!!! I definitely see an improvement, it's nice and light and I prefer the new tiles, gives a cleaner look!!! Just love your handquilting on your 30's quilt, it looks so cosy and snuggly, beautiful job there!!!!

  7. you have a nice big studio~!!~ and that new floor looks great.

    i love your newly finished quilt. your stitches are amazing and that backing fabric/toile that you used is wonderful. i may have to look into finding some of it for myself.

    this weekend i hope to get some hexies sewn together . . .


  8. Wow, Maureen! Your quilting room is fantastic! It looks 4 times bigger than when I saw it! And it's so bright and cheery, too! Love it! You all did a wonderful job redoing it! Congrats!

    And that quilt is sweet! Beautiful quilting on it!

  9. Congratulations on your finishes.
    Love the new colour you have painted your sewing room.

  10. Great finish - I love the quilt.
    Your sewing room is beautiful. I would LOVE to have a space like that - you are a lucky quilter.
    Enjoy your weekend and thank you for sharing.

  11. Congratulations on your finishes - love the quilt pattern you used. Your quilt room looks wonderful - nice and roomy. I always enjoy seeing you you finish furniture, and how you explain your techniques.

  12. Congrats on your beautiful finishes! Your sewing room looks very nice and spacious. Very nice :)

  13. That is a bit job fixing up the sewing room. You will be able to hide in your creative space all winter. The quilt looks lovely. Congratulations on achieving two finishes.

  14. Your sewing room is very nice. I like your quilts and the pattern you chose to quilt them. The renovation must be hard; but so worth it when you are all finished.

  15. The room is lovely and looks very practical!! Love the quilt too!

  16. your room looks great and the flooring is so nice.
    I love the fan quilting!!