Monday, May 21, 2012

I’ve Been Unfaithful

I’m so sorry. I’ve become obsessed with chalk paint and household updates. I haven't posted in a few weeks and I've done little commenting. Let me explain. All winter I was feeling the urge to update our décor. Nothing fancy, mind you, just some freshening up. I shared our basement update a couple months ago. Earlier this month I went to IKEA and bought new bed linens, curtains and a few other things. I dare you to walk through that store and not buy anything. I’ve been reorganizing and rearranging. Making big messes in the process. I still have a lot to do. I’ve only scratched the surface of what I have in mind. I wish my husband and I had the energy we had 20 years ago. We have big plans, get started early in the day and find ourselves exhausted by mid afternoon. : c /

You can probably understand all that. We all need to take care of our homes. The thing is, I think I’ve found another hobby – painting furniture. I’ve even been visiting blogs about it. Please forgive me. I couldn’t help myself. My household update plans include painting some of our vintage furniture to lighten things up. Most sane people would just pay someone else to do it. Not me. I’m forever saying – “I can do that” – and then getting in over my head. It hasn’t been easy. I want wonderful results right away. I remember feeling the same way when I started quilting. It takes time, practice and patience. I’ve started a few projects and signed up for a class. Oh, no! More projects! How do I get the standard 24 hours in a day changed to 48? I’m very thankful my husband is helping and in many cases telling me how to do things and in some instances, like repair, doing the work himself.

Quilting will always be my favorite. It’s like coming back to an old friend every evening.

I finished this top for a soldier quilt. We swapped nickel squares for variety and then I cut them down to 2 ½” squares. I’d really like to get this done and handed in to the gal in charge of “quilting for others” by the end of the month.

I’m also squaring up my 9-patches from the guild exchange. I counted a total of 270 9-patches and I think I have a design that will use all of them. LOVE my new rotary cutter. It's comfortable to use and releasing the handle hides the blade. So far, I’ve remembered to lock it every time I walk away from it.

Last time I shared my hexies I had 7 “flowers” done. Now I have 12. My hexies are 1 inch.

I feel better telling you. Really, I was feeling guilty!


  1. LOL about daring us to walk through IKEA and not buy anything. I've never made the drive up, but my neighbor is a die hard IKEA fan.

    Aren't you going to show us before and after pics of your furniture?

  2. Oh, Maureen, how could you? : )
    There is an Ikea less than two hours away, but I've never gone--it would be hazardous to the health of my bank account, I'm sure!
    Those little hexies are absolutely lovely!

  3. How wonderful to balance one hobby against another! Your head will be so full of plans and ideas that you'll never be bored. I sure do understand running out of energy mid-day. That's when I need my nap! LOL! I did not like naps when I was two; now that I'm 62, I love them!

  4. Oh...don't get me started on painted furniture - I understand getting swept into that vortex. Glad you came up for air ;-)
    Thanks for the hexagon update - they are multiplying...

  5. It is refreshing to know that others get sidetracked too!!! Love to see pics of the updates as you can. As always, love seeing your quilting projects! You hexies are perfect - love the colors! Have a great day!!

  6. Looking forward to seeing your painted projects - I'm always a bit jealous when I seem them because they are so great and I'd love to see them in person! Your hexies are wonderful and just the right project to keep in the quilting mode while you have so much else going on.

  7.'re so funny! But don't feel guilty, unless you aren't going to share any pics with us! Then yes, we'll all feel very annoyed at you for cheating on us! lol I'd love to see what projects you've been working on! I have a bunch of furniture that I'd love to redo, but I don't have a clue even how to start! Any tips? Or good blogs or sites that you've come across?

    And I'm loving those hexies! So sweet!

  8. Don't be what makes you happy! I have collected a bunch of pics of furniture refinished with the milk paint after seeing your first project. So, you have inspired me! Have fun and show us the results.

  9. oooohh, i so understand this temptation~!
    i love to re-do and fix up and all that comes with it. i agree with regan and will absolutely forgive you if you share pics and maybe even a link or two . . .

    you've gotten some sewing done as well. the soldier quilt is wonderful and i really like the way that you've included the square patriotic panels within the smaller squares. i think that these quilts must mean more than we can imagine to those who are away from their families and country in order to defend our own.

    your nine patches have me drooling and you got quite a lot of them~! what could be better than a big pile of tiny blocks waiting patiently for your return from the paint brush~!?
    and the hexies are absolutely beautiful~!!~
    that project is coming along with such a soft sweet patina to it already~!

    i think you must be doing a terrific job of balancing your 'nesting' with your quilting. as for us poor fellow bloggers . . . having to carry on without you on some days . . . well, it's sad, but we understand. most of the time.


  10. Getting sidetracked is healthy for all of us. Time away from your sewing machine makes your time with it all that more enjoyable, don't you think?
    I've never been to an Ikea, but I saw my daughter's Ikea catalog, and I'd best stay away for sure and NEVER set foot in one. I'm a sucker for organizing tools and clean lines and simple design. My credit card would be in trouble.

    It's nice to read that you like the rotary cutter. It's the only kind I've used for the last 3-4 years, both the 45 mm size and the 60 mm size. They're comfortable in my hand, and the best thing is that the blade is covered when you let go. Safety first.

  11. I know the feeling Maureen, there is just not enough time for everything that we have to and want to do. Sometimes we just have to disappear for a while but make sure it is not too long! I always enjoy seeing your lovely work.

  12. sometimes we all need a break and its fine!!!! its good to update the decor once in a while!
    I know what you mean about the energy level!!!
    love your nine patch blocks ;)
    Kathie have a wonderful weekend

  13. You may not believe it, but so far in my life I've managed to avoid an IKEA store! I know not to tempt temptation LOL!!!!! Quilt stores will remain my only sin!!!! Glad to see you are still sewing too! although your household painting jobs sound interesting! Bit of sewing drought here at the moment too, life getting in the way!!!